Query Amazon S3 Data with Xplenty

What is Analytics-as-a-Service?

Xplenty's latest offering, Analytics-as-a-Service, lets you query and analyze your data directly on Amazon S3. Analytics-as-a-Service allows you to create your own data lake on the cloud, where you can store your raw data and access it whenever you need it, using SQL.

How does Analytics-as-a-Service work?

Store your data on Amazon S3. You can preprocess it using the Xplenty ETL service or, you can store it as-is. When you need to query the data, fire up an Xplenty Analytics-as-a-Service instance and start analyzing your data using your analytic tool of choice. You can use our simple SQL client, or any other BI or reporting tool.

What Does Analytics-as-a-Service Mean for Me?

Well, to start, it's a service so, nothing to install, nothing to maintain and, you can query your data immidiately.And you:

● Can run blazing fast querying - data is cached locally, columnar storage can be used for even faster queries
● Get a scalable service that works for small data as well as really big data
● Only pay for compute when you need it. Your stored data and schema stay intact regardless
● Can use SQL, so there's no need to learn anything new
● Can use any BI or reporting tool, you don't need to change your exisitng BI ecosystem
● Can seamleslly use the Xplenty ETL service to prepare the data before storing it on Amazon S3
● Get the benefits of a super cost-effective data lake on the cloud