To combat the spread of COVID-19, a significant portion of tech companies around the globe have transitioned to remote work. It's no surprise then that many essential conferences are following suit. The experience may not be the same for attendees. There will be no badges to print out, no physical booths to set up, and no happy hours to attend. But the knowledge to be gained by attending these virtual conferences can still be a helpful boost in these turbulent times. 

What virtual events should you be looking forward to this year? Here's our list of the ten virtual conferences to attend in 2020.

1. XForce Data Summit

April 29-30


Xplenty's online summit is the premiere virtual conference aimed at getting more out of Salesforce with data and integrations. With 11 topic experts sharing knowledge, statistics, and tactics from their years of experience, this conference comes highly customized for attendees' needs. Topics include "Using Salesforce With Redshift," "Salesforce + IoT," "In-Depth Marketing Attribution in Salesforce," and "Cross-Industry Lessons Learned in Salesforce Architecture." Registration for this conference is entirely free.

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2. F8 Facebook Developer Conference

Dates TBD (formerly May 5-6)

This standout experience for Facebook for developers won't move forward with the in-person segment of its event in San Jose. According to its website, however, the F8 Facebook Developer Conference will still be held online. Plans are in the works for a "combo of locally hosted events, videos, and live-streamed content." Check the F8 website for dates and registration information.

3. KNIME Spring Summit 2020

March 30-April 3

The Berlin-based 2020 conference for KNIME (Konstanz Information Miner) summit presents a range of talks, webinars, virtual sessions, and programs. Join up to learn about the KNIME Analytics Platform for data scientists, an introduction to big data with KNIME Analytics, and much more. Ticket prices range from free to €59.50, depending on what sessions you want to attend.

4. The Virtual AI Expo at ODSC East 2020 

April 16

A virtual expo for Artificial Intelligence kind of makes sense, doesn't it? Attendees can peruse plenty of AI vendors through "virtual booths" at the Virtual AI Expo at ODSC East 2020. Along with the virtual booths, there are plenty of live chats, demo talks, and a wealth of industry knowledge and trend information to be gained. Registration is free.

5. Red Hat Summit 2020 

April 28-29

An industry favorite, the Red Hat Summit for 2020 will go on digitally. This conference features a full schedule of the traditional Red Hat Summit events - both live and recorded. Awards like the Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year, Women in Open Source, and the Innovation award will still be presented, and the online transition will boast a wide range of events focusing on open-source technology, news, and developments. Registration is free.

6. Tech Inclusion Global Summit 

May 12

Aimed at the "next wave of tech leaders from all over the world," this online summit includes discussion on a lot of the hot-button issues popping up throughout the tech industry, from leadership and professional growth to emerging trends and the future of work. Registration is free, with a suggested donation to support the conference.

7. OCP (Open Compute Project) Global Summit 

May 12-15

The Open Compute Project Summit is an event focusing on the mission of the OCP - "redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on computing infrastructure." The revised virtual teleconference features a similar agenda to the physical one, with keynote sessions, executive tracks, Expo Hall talks, engineering workshops, and much more. Registration is free.

8. Microsoft Build 2020 

May 19-21

Another longtime favorite on the industry, Microsoft Build 2020 is moving from an in-person event in Washington state to a virtual experience. Not many details are available yet in terms of logistics and schedule, but the mission remains the same: examining the future of developer tools, cloud, data, AI, and much more. Monitor the website for registration details.

9. DevSecCon 24 

Jun 15

This virtual conference tackles the collision of Development Operations and Security "run by practitioners, for practitioners." Over a 24-hour period, the DevSecCon will present a panel of talks exploring how to build security into critical developmental processes. A "virtual expo" allows for interaction with different vendors and companies. Speakers and more details for events at the conference will get announced soon; check the website for updated details. Registration for the DevSecCon is free.

10. Collision Conference 

June 22-25

Moving from its physical space in Toronto to an online venue, the Collision Conference delivers a high-impact look at "the people and companies redefining the global tech industries." The revamped virtual conference includes a sterling roster of incredible, high-profile speakers addressing a wide range of engaging topics. Highlighted speakers include Brad Smith of Microsoft, Thuan Pham of Uber, Jonah Peretti of Buzzfeed, actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Steven Levy of Wired magazine. Since you wouldn't be able to see them in person, this is the next best thing. Registration is free.

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