Next week we’ll be heading down to Vegas for AWS re:Invent 2014. We’re eager to meet the Big Data community and attend AWS sessions. There are quite a few of them—227 to be exact—so here are our top five recommendations. While you’re there, schedule a meeting with us or just come down to say “hello” at booth #535—you may even win a brand new Kindle Fire.

1. BDT201 - Big Data and HPC State of the Union

This session will cover the latest progress in Big Data analytics, databases, storage and high-performance computing (HPC) including customer success stories. You’ll get a picture of the current developments in Big Data technologies and how to use them in your organization.

2. BDT310 - Got a Big Data Problem?

Don’t we all. There are many tools that promise to solve Big Data problems, but which ones should you use, when, and why? Siva Raghuapthy, AWS Principal Solutions Architect, will sort out the big mess by talking about data processing and how to choose the right technology for the right job.

3. BDT309 - Delivering Results with Amazon Redshift, One petabyte at a Time

Amazon’s Enterprise Data Warehouse team spent 2014 using Redshift for its largest datasets. The result: a 100-node 1PB cluster that can scan 2 trillion rows in under an hour. Samar Sodhi and Erik Selberg from will discuss how they did it with all the technical details.

4. BDT403 - Netflix's Next Generation Big Data Platform

Netflix needed one heck of a new Big Data platform. They decided to use Hadoop YARN, the Parquet file format, Pig on Tez for ETL and Presto for interactive querying. The trick is that they run everything on Amazon EMR, thus making them EMR’s biggest client. Eva Tse, Netflix’s Director of Big Data Platforms, will tell us about it in this promising expert session.

5. BDT401 - Big Data Orchestra - Harmony within Data Analysis Tools

Want to know how to build a real-world solution for location-based data analytics? Then this session is for you. Guy Ernest, AWS Senior Manager of Solutions Architecture, will show you how to build one by integrating Amazon Kinesis, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, Amazon CloudSearch and Amazon EMR.