A few words come to mind as I reflect on my experience here at Xplenty: impactful, educational, unique and rewarding!

On my first day, my boss, Etai - and an office full of genuine men and women - greeted me and welcomed me to their workspace. I was nervous at first, but my nerves faded almost immediately as I was able to interact with everyone at Xplenty and get to know how amazing each of them are. I quickly adapted to the Israeli startup culture and learned so much more than I thought I ever would during my time here, and for that I am so grateful.

Xplenty is a data delivery platform designed to integrate, transform and process data from a variety of sources, catering to any type of workload. The service rids customers from the hassle of traditional data integration so that they can focus on what matters most: analytics, insights, and business value. It, in short, makes data integration effortless and straightforward for Xplenty users.

While I learned a great deal from normal office life, I also felt that I was able to authentically contribute to this company with my research. My main work consisted of exploring branding and marketing strategies to create an online shop for Xplenty merchandise. I prepared my research and plans for the shop and got to present them to a web designer. He is using the website template that I created, and he will be launching the shop in the near future. Most everything that I worked on was completely new to me, but with guidance from Etai I was able to accomplish something major for the company.

The office environment made me feel like a valued member of the Xplenty team every day. From receiving an Xplenty t-shirt, to eating lunch as an office and being greeted in Hebrew each morning, Xplenty has really given me a special and unique experience. I can honestly say that my time spent living in Tel Aviv and interning at Xplenty has resulted in the best summer of my life.

I also have to thank the staff on my program, Onward Israel, who made all of this possible. Onward Israel is a program that allows you to live and intern in Tel Aviv for two months with housing, food and transportation paid for. Without this program and Xplenty, I would have never been able to immerse myself in Israeli startup culture or obtain the knowledge that I have with me today.