Data collection, data processing, data visualization, and reporting are becoming more and more challenging as data volumes grow and data formats change. Combined with the increased use of public cloud infrastructure, developers and data professionals need to find new strategies and adopt new technologies to design and maintain scalable and cost-effective data architectures.

In this session, we present together with WalkMe how to build such an architecture using Amazon CloudFront, Xplenty, Amazon Redshift, and Looker. We examined how WalkMe, the guidance and engagement platform, empowers product teams, partners, and clients by utilizing such an architecture to build innovative products and services that are delivered based on big amounts of online user behavior data.

This presentation can help you to learn how to design and implement a data architecture on the cloud. More specifically, you'll learn how to:

  1. Collect data using Amazon CloudFront.

  2. Process raw data using Xplenty and prepare it for analytics. Xplenty is a data-processing service on the cloud that allows every data-savvy person to integrate, process, and prepare data for analytics using Hadoop under the hood.

  3. Visualize the data and report on the data on Amazon Redshift using Looker.