NetSuite is a powerful, real-time, cloud-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. And NetSuite development is knowing how to use NetSuite efficiently.

When NetSuite is used to its full capacity, it is a powerful tool for highlighting strengths and exposing weaknesses. It is capable of providing detailed reports in real-time for every department of your company.

But even a powerhouse like NetSuite will need customization and integration with other programs and applications to capture an accurate picture of the workings of your company, which is why you need a NetSuite development plan to create a customized platform for your business needs.

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Table of Contents

  1. Are There NetSuite Developer Resources?
  2. Can You Integrate Other Programs with NetSuite?
  3. What Do the Reviews Have to Say?
  4. How Can Xplenty Help with NetSuite Development and Integration?

NetSuite development is knowing how to use NetSuite efficiently to create a custom business intelligence (BI) solution that covers every aspect of your business so that you can monitor and review it in real-time. It’s knowing exactly what you need to complete the required tasks and knowing how to piece it all together.

A NetSuite developer is the person who pulls everything together to create the perfect suite for your company. They know what software — on-premise or cloud — can be integrated, and they can create and customize applications that fill in the gaps and make everything flow smoothly when necessary.

Why would you choose to build an application on NetSuite? NetSuite is the only platform that allows you to create a custom application that combines accounting, financial management, ERP, CRM, and e-commerce into one platform. Yet even with all this, sometimes there are functions not yet available or that do not perform in the way you need or desire. With NetSuite development you won't find yourself stuck thinking “if only I could find a program to...”; you can customize and create to make it happen, which is a powerful advantage for your company.

Unlike boxed and user-installed (in premise) programs for which you must purchase the entire suite or purchase each program separately, not knowing whether they are compatible with each other, NetSuite provides built-in flexibility. You have the freedom to adopt new business models and add, remove, and customize features as your company changes and grows.

You never have to worry about purchasing and installing upgrades, since NetSuite upgrades automatically for you and your configurations and customization migrate seamlessly.

To get a complete picture of the customization and flexibility of NetSuite, visit: How NetSuite Can Be Customized to Meet Your Exact Requirements and Building Your Application on NetSuite.

Are There NetSuite Developer Resources?

NetSuite offers developer resources to its users. They also have the SuiteCloud Developer Network, and they offer NetSuite certification.

Because NetSuite is not a minimalist or basic program, it will take time to implement and integrate into your daily routines and training to use it to its full capacity. Depending on the size of your business and the depth of use, it can take a few months or longer to fully implement it. Having a developer on your team, in-house or otherwise, can create a smoother transition.

If your company does not have a full-fledged developer on board, and you want to put together a package that doesn’t involve any actual programming, you can deploy the NetSuite Suite Bundler. You also have access to apps and customizations created by NetSuite developers at SuiteApp. Or you can consider outsourcing to an ETL (extract, transform, load) tool provider.

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Can You Integrate Other Programs with NetSuite?

Simply put, yes. But it can be more complicated than that. Many consider NetSuite the most powerful ERP solution currently available. It can help your company optimize and evaluate your core business processes using a single integrated platform.

But to create that integrated platform, you need to ensure that the programs and applications you want to incorporate are compatible. Determining not only what programs you need but how they integrate and what their capabilities are is a daunting task if you are not “in the know.”

Not all companies are in the position to have an on-premise developer who can piece everything together and keep it all running smoothly. When that is the case, using an ETL tool is the way to go.

A good ETL should have a full list of programs that can be integrated and bundled. They should also have developer resources.

What Do the Reviews Have to Say? 

NetSuite ranks high in reviews: Software Advice gives it a 4.09 out of 5 based on 747 reviews. And Trust Radius gives a score of 7.5 out of 10 based on 425 reviews.

If you are unsure whether NetSuite is the correct solution for your business, independent reviewers Kasa Reviews and Better Buys both take a fairly thorough look at NetSuite.

However, despite the great reviews, the two most common cons for NetSuite are a need “for customization” and “not particularly user friendly for non-technical business people.” This brings us back to the need for NetSuite development and customization.

How Can Xplenty Help with NetSuite Development and Integration?

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You’ve created a bundle that is suited to your business needs, and you’ve integrated with the other programs that your staff is familiar with — so how do you access the information you’ve collected?

To produce meaningful output for your management team, you need to transfer the data you’ve collected into a centralized repository (such as a data warehouse or data lake). How do you accomplish this? By outsourcing through an ETL (extract, transform, load) tool like Xplenty.

The beauty of Xplenty is that they provide a simple drag-and-drop interface using low-code and no-code functionality. They connect you with NetSuite and provide access to more than 100 out-of-the-box integrations.

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