As you know, Hadoop can be downright painful to code. However one of our DevOps, Leonid Mirsky, has done a great job writing a tutorial for creating a test environment on Ubuntu using vagrant 1.3.5 and VirtualBox version 4.1.12. Here’s a little teaser and a link to his blog.

Thanks Leonid!

I love Puppet!

I always hated shell scripting.

When I discovered Puppet a year ago, I finally found a good programmable way to describe the infrastructure I am working with. A lot changed since my first encounter with Puppet, especially, since plenty of new and interesting tools appeared which compete with Puppet for the heart of a sysadmin.

One of these shiny new configuration management tools is Ansible. I decided to give it a try, and to configure a local Hadoop development environment using it and vagrant.

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