Analyzing the large amounts of data in your data warehouse is now easier than ever with support for the Cube and Rollup functions. You can now aggregate your data across multiple field combinations in one step. Besides reducing the steps required, the processing is now more efficient.

Use the Cube and Rollup component to provide information about groups of records instead of individual records. Cube will produce results of the functions for each combination of expressions selected. Rollup will limit the results to the combinations for the hierarchical combination of expressions.

For example, you may want to calculate total profit in a chain of stores for time period, region and department. Using rollup with fields in that order will yield results for:

  • Subtotals for each combination of time period, region and department
  • Subtotals for each time period and region
  • Subtotals for each time period
  • Grand total

Use cube instead of rollup if results for every possible combination is desired.

Enjoy these new methods to analyze your large amounts of data in xplenty.