Many companies want to display their business metrics on office TVs. Xplenty, Google BigQuery, Google Data Studio, and Screen Cloud make this easy to achieve and manage at a global scale.

Google Sheet of SaaS Metrics

In this example, a Google Sheet is used (updated manually or with automation) and this is the source for the SaaS metrics. This sheet is fully customizable and can be tailored to your company’s reporting needs.


Four Steps to a SaaS Dashboard

First the data is extracted from the Google Sheet and stored in a BigQuery data warehouse. Then the data is visualized using Data Studio. Finally Screen Cloud displays the dashboards on the office TVs.


Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) with Xplenty

Here’s what happens during each stage:

  • Extract: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) data is extracted by Xplenty connecting to a Google Sheet containing these metrics.

  • Transform: The extracted data is then transformed by an Xplenty Dataflow, cleaning the data fields, performing calculations and preparing it for the data warehouse.

  • Load: The transformed data is uploaded to the data warehouse, in this case Google's BigQuery (ready for Google's Data Studio).

Visualize with Google's Data Studio

Google's Data Studio product quickly enables you to connect to a data source and visualize your data. In this example we are connecting to Google's BigQuery data warehouse to graph MRR statistics on a dashboard. Data Studio has a rich set of available visualizations for selection, and it is fast and easy to create useful dashboards for your team.

MRR metrics dashboard.png

Once completed

  • Embed Code: copy the dashboard's embed code and this will be used by Screen Cloud to display the dashboard on your TV.
  • Sharing: change the dashboard sharing setting so it is available for anyone with the link. Screen Cloud can then call this URL for the dashboard.


Publish SaaS Dashboards to a TV

Using Screen Cloud's Digital Signage software, you can put a fleet of Chromebits into kiosk mode to display dashboards on your office TVs around the world. Each TV has a Chromebit (connected via HDMI)  rotating content from a content playlist for that specific TV.

A Chromebit (a stick computer running Google's ChromeOS in kiosk mode)


The Chromebits are centrally managed using Google's Chrome Device Management. With an inexpensive licence (per device), the Chromebits can be secured and placed into kiosk mode.

Screen Cloud has many content widgets that can be displayed on a TV. In our case we will use the Embed app content widget.


After connecting the Chromebit to Screen Cloud, add an Embed content widget with the Data Studio dashboard embed code. After adding this widget to the device's Screen Cloud playlist, the TV will start displaying your new dashboard.


    Xplenty ETL Platform

    Google BigQuery Data Warehouse

    Google Data Studio and Templates

    Chromebit (purchase on Amazon) with Google's Chrome Device Management

    Screen Cloud


    Displaying your SaaS dashboards in the office is a great way to empower a data driven culture. Big data tools and technology are easier and cheaper than ever before, making it possible to create unique, meaningful dashboards personalized for each team.

    Interested in getting customized company dashboards set up in your offices? Speak with one of our team today about our fully managed service - we build your dashboards and even mail the Chromebits to you :)