MongoDB + Xplenty = Perfect Big Data Stack

MongoDB + Xplenty = Perfect Big Data Stack

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We love things that are great in pairs, things like chocolate and vanilla, gin and tonic, and Simon and Garfunkel. This is why we are proud to announce the new integration between MongoDB and Xplenty.

MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database for operational storage of Big Data. "MongoDB has the best features of key/value stores, document databases and relational databases in one", says John Nunemaker of GitHub. As an open source project, MongoDB is supported by a large and friendly community. No wonder companies like Ebay, MetLife, and SAP are using it.

While MongoDB is designed for operational big data, Hadoop is designed for distributed batch processing of huge data sets. MongoDB leverages JSON and Hadoop provides other expressive languages and libraries to interact with data like PIG, NumPY or NLTK. Luckily, you don’t have to choose one or the other - since MongoDB integrates with Hadoop, they can sing together in harmony.

Hadoop is used with MongoDB for three main use cases - offloading complex data aggregation to Hadoop, using Hadoop as a data warehouse, or as part of the ETL process. MongoDB is still used to store data and for all operational query needs, while Hadoop steps up to the plate when it’s time to process that data. Hadoop is fully capable of handling semi-structured data, so migrating data between MongoDB and Hadoop is as smooth as possible.

Many companies enjoy the MongoDB + Hadoop combo, such as Orbitz, FourSquare, and BadgeVille (see "MongoDB and Hadoop" by Steve Francia). But what about firms who want to combine the power of MongoDB with Hadoop and can’t afford it? Setting up your own Hadoop environment is difficult. Implementing it takes time, extra manpower with Hadoop expertise, and money to buy and maintain all these machines. Data grows quickly, so scaling becomes an issue real fast.

This is where we come in. Xplenty makes Hadoop a whole lot easier by providing Hadoop-as-a-service on the cloud. Our web application lets you create Hadoop clusters with just a few clicks, setup data processing via an intuitive UI, and run MapReduce jobs on Hadoop right away. Even people who don’t know how to code can use our platform to process data on Hadoop. We take care of all the maintenance and security, and because we’re on the cloud you can easily scale as your data grows.

Xplenty integrates with MongoDB. Together we are the perfect Big Data stack - MongoDB for storing and querying data, and Xplenty for processing and analyzing data. Xplenty imports data securely right from MongoDB, thus providing you with the instant power of Hadoop on the cloud. The processed data can be stored wherever you want, whether it’s on MongoDB, cloud storage, or a relational database. Using MongoDB with Xplenty will shed more light on your Big Data.

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