Here, at Xplenty we’re gearing up for the release of our Hadoop-as-a-Service platform in a few days’ time. We’re very excited after working really hard in the past year to make our product as great as it possibly can be. We’re true believers in enabling Big Data technologies in general, and Hadoop in particular to the real users of data.

    • If you’re a database administrator that needs to look into Big Data technologies because your current traditional relational database does not scale – Xplenty is right for you.
    • If you’re an ETL developer that wants to process data using Hadoop and doesn’t have a clue about MapReduce (and let’s face it, the majority of data workers don’t know MapReduce, and more importantly, don’t need to know MapReduce) – Xplenty is right for you.
    • If you’re a Data architect that understands that Hadoop is now an essential ingredient in your business’ data infrastructure, but also understands that it requires a completely different skillset from what you currently have in your company – Xplenty is right for you.
    • If you’re an IT administrator that was asked by the CIO to implement a Hadoop infrastructure for your company, and you’re pretty much a Windows person (and so is your team...) – Xplenty is right for you.
    • If you’re a BI director that is looking into cloud-based platforms that will enable you flexibility and elasticity in your data and BI processing capabilities – Xplenty is right for you.

Hadoop is a framework developed by developers, for developers. You will find quite a few products out there that make Hadoop easier for developers. Xplenty, however, was developed with the data and BI workers in mind: using Xplenty you can be up and running with data processing jobs on Hadoop within minutes. Sign up for a 14 day free trial or a personalized 30 minute demo and see for yourself. You will quickly see just how easy it is to fire up a Hadoop cluster and design data pipelines, with literally zero learning curve.