May was a crazy month here at Xplenty. We started our event tour at Collision in Las Vegas. Then we headed over to NYC for the Data Summit where CEO, Yaniv Mor, had 2 speaking slots, both packed to capacity!

But, the highlight of our tour was undoubtedly the data panel we hosted that featured some of the industry’s greatest data scientists at the forefront of data integration, evaluation and processing methods and technologies.

Our panel included:

  • Our own CEO, Yaniv Mor

  • Igor Elbert, Principal Data Scientist at

  • Alina Beygelzimer, Sr. Research Scientist at Yahoo! Labs

  • Kelly Stirman, VP of Strategy & Product Marketing at MongoDB

  • Claudia Perlich, Chief Scientist at Dstillery

  • Nell Thomas, Sr. Director of Analytics at Etsy

We were also excited to have Steve Lohr, Technology Reporter at the The New York Times, on board as our moderator.

The panel topic, "Big Data’s ‘Janitor’ Problem - Is it Killing ROI?," is an ongoing question in the Big Data space. Today’s data scientists and data analysts spend up to 90% of their time collecting and preparing raw data, so ‘janitor work’ is a huge obstacle that spans all industries.

Some areas addressed were how ‘janitor work’ has impacted organizations from generating real value from their data, as well as what data scientists and analysts can do to enable actionable intelligence to propel businesses forward.

Some memorable quotes:

Claudia: {% include clicktotweet.html text="\"There is no clean or dirty data. Only data you don’t yet understand\" @xplenty @claudia_perlich @Dstillery" %}

Nell: {% include clicktotweet.html text="\"The big janitor problem is about bias - it's evidenced based work or patterns\" @xplenty @nellwyn @etsy" %}

Alina: {% include clicktotweet.html text="\"Experimentation of data is expensive but, you can't collect data needed if you don’t explore\" @xplenty @yahoolabs" %}

Kelly: {% include clicktotweet.html text="\"Getting people to agree on an uber schema is like a religious war\" @xplenty @kstirman @mongodb" %}

Igor: {% include clicktotweet.html text="\"A lot of data is W.O.R.N. Written once, read never\" @xplenty @gilt" %}

Yaniv: {% include clicktotweet.html text="\"Real-time analytics has been the holy grail for BI and it has evolved considerably - we are close\" @xplenty @yanivm" %}

In the end, Steve Lohr summed it up best -- {% include clicktotweet.html text="\"You are what your ETL (is)\" @xplenty @SteveLohr @nytimes" %}

Check out the highlight reel and some pictures of the event. (Full session here)

Steve and Yaniv

Steve and Kelly

Cloudia and Igor

Igor and Alina

Yaniv, Nell, Kelly and Claudia

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