You spoke and we listened! One of the most requested feature requests we’ve received over the last 12 months has been greater flexibility around scheduling of packages and workflows.

Up until now, our scheduler was somewhat limited. For example, you could schedule a package to run at the same time every day, but you couldn’t schedule a package to run at the same time every day on weekdays only.

Today we are happy to announce our new scheduling option: Cron Expression


Cron expressions allow much more flexibility in your job scheduling by supporting irregular intervals, something not possible with our interval-based scheduler. Here are some examples:

0 8 * * *     everyday at 8am UTC

0 8 * * MON   every Monday at 8am UTC

0 8 1 * *     every 1st of the month at 8am UTC

The feature is now available on all Xplenty accounts. You can choose from the cron presets (click on clock icon for drop down) or you can enter your own cron expression. When writing your own, we recommend using a cron generator if you’re not familiar with writing cron expressions. For further reading on this new feature, check out our scheduling documentation.

As always, we’d love to get your thoughts and feedback, so please don’t be shy - let us know what you think!