We’ve been busy upgrading the platform and have some nifty new features for you.

  • You can now eliminate coding errors with Syntax Highlighting, Auto Complete, and Validations. Color coding lets you know if you’re typing a function, field, or data type. Want to know what syntax is supported? Just hit Ctrl + Space and a list of all supported functions, fields, and data types will appear. Or, if you've already started typing, hitting Ctrl + Space will bring up only those that begin with the characters you've typed. Not to be forgotten is that you will be informed if you enter any sort of invalid syntax.
  • We’re not a fan of having to enter credentials every time we want to login somewhere. The new Reusable AWS Connections feature means you may now configure a connection and save the corresponding credentials. This way, when using an Amazon Web Service connection (to S3 for instance), you can just choose the existing connection from a dropdown list and your credentials are already included.
    Just go to your account settings to manage your Connections to view your connections.
  • Have a look at the new RESTful API documentation. The documentation resides on Github and we encourage developers to help us improve it with pull requests. With the API you can command and control clusters and jobs.
  • To make things as easy as possible, we've created a Java library and aPython library to wrap the API for you. They are designed to help you integrate with Xplenty at no time. If you create a library that supports the latest version of the Xplenty API, let us know and we'll gladly feature it.
  • Infinite scrolling has been enabled on the jobs dashboard. Get your scroll on!
  • We've upgraded performance to make things run more quickly and smoothly.

Thanks for using Xplenty.