It's time to look at big data events again, as big data has become more important than ever in 2020. As COVID-19 disrupted local and global supply chains and prevented businesses from operating as usual, gathering data to understand the next best moves for companies has been absolutely crucial. Yet surveys show that data analytics still impact only 54 percent of marketing decisions. That’s a clear sign that even more businesses need to learn more about data integration, data quality, and big data.

Thankfully, despite the pandemic, there are plenty of events going on in 2021 to help business leaders and data scientists come to grips with the intricacies of big data. Of course, many of these events will be entirely virtual–another way that businesses rely on technology to keep them going in troubled times. The advantage of this is that interested parties are now able to attend events all over the world, rather than just in their own country.

Here are our top six big data events for 2021 in terms of thought leadership, expert speakers, and business-critical information. Of course, you will want to check with event organizers before booking, especially if you consider attending any events that have changed to “in-person” rather than virtual.

Table of Contents

  1. Women in Data Science Worldwide Conference
  2. AI & Big Data Expo Global 2021
  3. World Data Summit 2021
  4. Data 2021
  5. Big Data World 2021
  6. IEEE Big Data Service 2021
  7. Xplenty's Thoughts

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1) Women in Data Science Worldwide Conference

Date: March 8, 2021

Location: Virtual

Pricing: No charge announced as yet but donations welcome.

Women in Data Science (WiDS) is all about inspiring and educating data scientists of any gender, and supporting women already working in the data science field. The initiative started at Stanford University, but the conference now spans 60 countries and combines about 150 separate events over 24 hours. The conference coincides with International Women’s Day and includes experts in big data, data science, and AI from academia, businesses, government, and nonprofits.

Look for registration opening early 2021.

2) AI & Big Data Expo Global 2021

Date: March 17-18 (virtual); September 6-7 (live)

Location: Virtual hybrid with a live event in London, U.K.

Pricing: Virtual event free via online registration; there are four different levels of entry cost for the live event, including a free pass which gives you access to the exhibition floor and some of the live speakers. Top-level passes cost up to £1199.

This London-based event bills itself as the leading artificial intelligence and big data exhibition event. This high-level conference combines forward-thinking companies and brands, AI experts, big data scientists, and leaders from some of the most exciting new startups. The conference aims to examine the impact of big data in the enterprise and consumer sectors but also highlights developing technologies and opportunities for digital transformation.

The live event takes place in September 2021 at the Business Design Centre, London, but for those that can’t quite make it that far, there’s a fully virtual event in March exploring the “global AI and big data ecosystem.”

3) World Data Summit 2021

Date: May 19-21, 2021

Location: Virtual hybrid with a live event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Pricing: Free

This year’s World Data Summit explores how and why only three percent of collected data makes its way into what they call the “big data ecosystem”–clearly a hot topic for 2021. With that in mind, expect thought leaders on analytical models, using data to build customer growth, working with unstructured data, and thinking about data visualization.

There is a range of workshops to book and plenty of opportunities to make meaningful connections. In previous years, this event has been a traditional conference, but this year there is a fully virtual option. There’s even the opportunity to brainstorm and share business challenges and solutions.

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4) Data 2021

Date: July 6-8

Location: Virtual hybrid with a live event in France

Pricing: Starts at 95 Euros

Data 2021 is the “10th International Conference on Data Science, Technology, and Applications,” making it a hot ticket for anyone interested in big data. The major focus this year includes a deeper look at business analytics, including data governance and dealing with semi-structured or unstructured data. There’s also a whole area dedicated to big data, looking at big data as a service, the infrastructure of big data, and how cloud computing and big data are developing together.

5) Big Data World 2021

Date: July 7-8

Location: ExCel exhibition center, London, England

Pricing: Free registration

Despite concerns around COVID-19, the organizers of Big Data World 2021 didn't want their attendees to miss out on networking and collaboration opportunities. With that in mind, they've pushed back this popular conference from March to July rather than switching to a virtual event, in the hope that more people will be able to safely attend. This year's motto is, "Recognize, analyze, utilize," so expect thought leaders in data analytics and AI, as well as any number of high-end brands showing off their products and services. Other events should be taking place in Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Madrid, Paris, and Singapore.

6) IEEE Big Data Service 2021

Date: August 23-26

Location: Virtual

Pricing: To be announced

This popular conference from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has moved a little later in the year and is now completely virtual to keep attendees safe. As one of the leading international forums for data academics and researchers, the event organizers are still seeking high-quality papers and workshop proposals. This is their 7th annual conference on Big Data, with this year's focus on machine learning and integrated and distributed systems.

Xplenty's Thoughts

With big data and analytics used from everything from the presidential election to revealing our shopping and travel habits around Thanksgiving, it’s clear that businesses need to ensure their data teams are up to speed with the latest developments. Attending these conferences could give you the edge over your competitors and give you deeper insights into how to maximize your data.

However you currently manage your business data, a data transformation tool can help integrate your data sources to your data lake or data warehouses. Book your conversation with Xplenty and find out about our free trial and demo to help you get the most out of your data.