ETL (extract, transform, load) is one of the most important processes in data integration and business intelligence. Constructing efficient ETL data pipelines is a crucial part of an organization’s BI and analytics workflows. ETL continues to evolve and develop in new and exciting ways, so ETL practitioners need to keep their skills fresh and their knowledge up-to-date by attending ETL conferences and events in 2021.

Many in-person ETL gatherings have gone virtual or been rescheduled due to the ongoing pandemic. While some organizations are beginning to move back into in-person events for their 2021 schedules, it remains to be seen whether they will need to revert to virtual gatherings once again. Either way, you should consider adding these upcoming ETL events to your schedule and keep a close eye on the event websites to learn about any date or location changes well in advance.

Please note that many of the events in this list have not finalized their venues, but do offer the city, state, and country for the conference.

Table of Contents

  1. Data 2021
  2. International Conference on Semantic Technologies for Big Data Integration and Analysis
  3. World Data Summit
  4. Smart Data Summit
  5. International Conference on Data Mining, Big Data, Database and Data Management
  6. International Conference on Big Data Management
  7. International Conference on Big Data Technologies
  8. Final Thoughts

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1) Data 2021

Date: July 6-8, 2021
Location: Paris, France
Price: Starting from 535€

Data 2021 is a long-running international conference focused on data science, technology, and its applications. It has an academic focus, appealing to data researchers and data scientists, along with other advanced ETL practitioners. This event has five tracks, covering a wide range of data topics:

  • Business analytics
  • Databases and data security
  • Data science
  • Big data
  • Data management and quality

A wide range of satellite events include workshops, tutorials, panels, demos, and special sessions.

2) International Conference on Semantic Technologies for Big Data Integration and Analysis

Date: June 3-4, 2021
Location: New York City, New York, USA
Price: Starts at 250€

The ICSTBDIA is an interdisciplinary event that brings together data researchers, scientists, data specialists, and others to share research results and explore the future of semantic technologies and how they’re used for big data integration. The conference content covered includes:

  • Big data innovations
  • Latest trends
  • New and ongoing concerns with big data integration and analytics
  • Practical challenges of implementing semantic technologies

While this event is listed as an in-person event, the website indicates that there will be a digital experience available for those that prefer to remain socially distant.

3) World Data Summit

Date: May 19-21, 2021
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Price: Starts at €495

The World Data Summit is geared towards managers, directors, and other leadership roles overseeing data analysis and big data analytics. The major themes of this conference include working with unstructured data, improving your data visualizations, expanding your technical skills, and understanding how to make the right strategic decisions to guide your data culture.

Conference content includes sessions and workshops on:

  • Future data technologies
  • Using data-driven approaches in your decision making
  • Implementing and improving effective customer analytics programs
  • Segmenting your market and measuring the results
  • Setting up digital attribution for improved visibility into your data
  • Addressing the privacy and ethics concerns around customer analytics
  • New data visualization trends
  • Assessing your data for machine learning training purposes
  • Reducing expenses through AI solutions

4) Smart Data Summit

Date: Feb 17-18, 2021
Location: The Convention Centre, Sofitel The Palm Resort & Spa, Dubai, UAE
Price: TBA

The Smart Data Summit was originally scheduled for October 2020, but has since moved to a new date in February. It’s one of the only big data analytics conferences in the UAE and is invitation-only. You can fill out a registration form on the event website to indicate your interest in attending this conference. An advanced understanding of big data analytics technologies is beneficial for getting the most out of the sessions, and it’s geared towards practitioners and leadership roles. The 2021 event is focusing on augmented data analytics, real-time analytics across multiple industries, monetizing data-as-a-service, and structuring data swamps with the help of AI, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, edge processing, machine learning and blockchain technology.

Event content includes:

  • Presentations
  • Case studies
  • Innovation announcements
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Coverage of big data analytics trends
  • Data analytics panel discussions
  • Networking opportunities

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5) International Conference on Data Mining, Big Data, Database and Data Management

Date: January 28-29, 2021
Location: New York, USA
Price: Starts at €250

The ICDMBDDM is an academic conference on a wide range of database and data management technologies. While the focus is more for researchers, students, and other academic participants, it offers a lot of value to ETL practitioners and managers wanting to stay at the forefront of the data field. This event is not for beginners, so bring your advanced technical skills to the table.

The presentation topics cover a lot of ground, and include:

  • Data integration
  • Data mining applications
  • Data mining grids
  • Medicine data mining
  • Multimedia mining
  • Visual data mining
  • Distributed data mining
  • Cloud computing techniques
  • Data clustering
  • Data management concerns with social network data
  • Managing big data
  • Formats for multimedia big data
  • Algorithms for big data search functionality
  • Transforming the enterprise through big data
  • Information retrieval
  • Working with very large databases
  • Information system architectures
  • Multi-databases

6) International Conference on Big Data Management

Date: March 11-12, 2021
Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Price: Starts at € 250

The ICBDM offers a deep dive into many big data management topics. It’s an excellent event for gaining advanced knowledge of many data topics, as it’s geared towards researchers and academics exploring trends, innovations, and successes in big data management.

The conference sessions take a look at these topics and more:

  • Advanced database applications
  • Heterogenous and multi-structured data integration
  • Optimizing your big data workflows
  • Overcoming database management challenges
  • Techniques for managing data in the social web
  • Novel data models
  • Database usage of emerging hardware
  • Managing scientific data
  • Crowdsourcing your big data management

7) International Conference on Big Data Technologies

Date: April 22 – 23, 2021
Location: New York, United States
Price: Starts at € 250

The ICBDT explores big data technologies in many ways, with leading researchers presenting their findings, reporting on new technologies, and discovering ways to improve the big data world. Advanced ETL practitioners and leaders will get the most out of this event, and can bring back new skills and solutions to improve the way you handle your organization’s data.

Conference topics include the following:

  • Natural language processing
  • Working with unstructured and structured data
  • Processing your big data
  • Types of big data algorithms
  • New big data technologies
  • Using data visualization effectively
  • Experimental big data applications
  • Novel applications for big data technology
  • Scaling your computational intelligence solutions
  • Prototyping big data solutions
  • Querying big data
  • Evolutionary approaches to big data analytics

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Final Thoughts

ETL practitioners, data specialists, and business professionals alike have many opportunities to learn at these 2021 ETL events. Learn, network, and discover the latest in the ETL world. If solving your data problems is your top priority, Xplenty helps you jumpstart your data integration and analytics processes. We’re a code-free ETL software that empowers you to create simple, visualized data pipelines to your data warehouse or data lake. Our elastic and scalable infrastructure gives you the flexibility you need to accommodate your unique data needs. Get in touch for a seven-day demo of our ETL platform. And be sure to check our blog later in the year for more information about our own Xplenty-hosted conferences and seminars (coming soon).