Every year, dozens of Big Data conferences take place all over the world, from San Francisco to Shanghai. Now that 2015 is finally here, it’s time to open up your smartphone calendar and mark in this year’s Big Data conferences. Here are our five favorite events.

1. Strata + Hadoop World

Strata may be the one event to rule them all. Actually, it’s not even one event, but three that take place throughout the year in San Jose, CA, London and New York. Data giants O’Reilly and Cloudera are behind it, so it’s guaranteed to get you up to date with the latest Big Data innovations. Last October, the conference took place in NY at the Javits Center, which is the largest conference venue in NYC and one of the busiest in the U.S. Be sure to wear your best pair of walking shoes, as this place is simply huge.

2. Dataworks Summit

Hadoop Summit is another major conference for the Big Data world. Backed by Yahoo and Hortonworks, it takes place in Brussels and San Jose, CA, and focuses on our beloved great yellow elephant: Apache Hadoop. The summit includes deep technical content, community activities and even “a rockin’ party” held during the first evening. Rock on!

3. AWS re:Invent

Amazon has been a Big Data player thanks to products like EMR and Redshift, so we like to go to AWS re:Invent every year. Everyone shows up. Over at our Xplenty booth at AWS re:Invent, we get to meet a lot of customers and colleagues and learn new Amazonian warrior skills in the workshops. Last year, there was even a DJ in the lounge. When hungry, do try the Grand Lux Cafe at the Palazzo Hotel, a well-known establishment serving up a great American breakfast, lunch and dinner, and, Vegas style, it’s open 24/7.

4. Gigaom Structure Data

“Big Data, bold strategies,” says the headline for Gigaom Structure Data. It promises to bring together prominent Big Data analysts, technologists and companies down to Chelsea Piers in New York, NY. Speakers include Twitter, Spotify and Goldman Sachs. We’re also planning to go this year, so maybe we’ll see you there?

5. Meetups

You don’t have to spend big bucks on big events. Every year 2,571 worldwide Big Data groups hold meetups. They are great a opportunity to connect with your local Big Data community and do some networking. Last year, I even went down to lovely London and gave a presentation to Hadoop Users Group U.K., an experience I wrote about in Hadoop in the Streets of London; and just recently we also gave a Meetup presentation on how to collect, transform and visualize data on the cloud.