People talk a lot about Hadoop, and we like to keep up to date with the latest gossip by reading Hadoop blogs. If you'd also like to jump into the conversation and read the best Hadoop posts out there, here are our favorite Hadoop blogs for 2014.

1. Matt Asay—ReadWrite

Hadoop can be a pretty dry topic to write about. But there's one blogger, at least, who knows how to keep it fresh and fun: Matt Asay. His posts on ReadWrite are always a few steps ahead of the curve, and are quite illuminating and fun to read. He's currently VP of mobile at Adobe and used to work for MongoDB, so he knows his stuff.

2. Curt Monash—DBMS2

DBMS2 is the best personal database and analytics blog, and it also discusses Hadoop. It's maintained by Curt Monash of Monash Research. He writes short and sharp commentaries about the industry and the technology. Many Big Data companies are his customers, so he has all sorts of inside info. We really wish that he would write a lot more often.

3. Hortonworks

Hortonworks' blog is a must-read for Hadoop users. Not only is it a great source for Hadoop news and releases, but it also contains a lot of guidelines, how-tos and use cases.

4. Cloudera

Cloudera also maintains an important Hadoop blog. You'll find a lot of project updates, technical posts and guides, which will help you to stay on the cutting edge of Big Data.

5. MapR

As we are mentioning the big Hadoop distributors, you should also check out MapR's blog. Like the others, it has plenty of news, articles and tutorials.

6. InformationWeek

If you fancy a more straightforward business-like approach to Hadoop and Big Data, try InformationWeek. They're really prolific and write about topics beyond Hadoop, like business intelligence and general news about Big Data.

7. Datanami

Datanami's blog is one of the biggest and baddest Hadoop blogs, in a good way. You'll find excellent posts about anything from industry news to opinion pieces to technology reviews.