If you want to know what the big players are doing with Big Data, then the Data Summit is the place to be. This Big Data conference, that will take place at the New York Hilton Midtown on May 11-13, will be attended by giants like Amazon, eBay, and even Pfizer and Mastercard. Dozens of engaging workshops will take place during the conference, so here are our picks top for the 10 sessions you can’t miss at Data Summit 2015:

Yaniv Mor, CEO and Founder

H105: Panel discussion: The Data Lake: from Hype to Reality. The term "Data Lake" is a bit overused these days. I would like to hear the panelists’ opinions how one should use data lakes as part a modern data architecture—Venkat Eswara (GE), Joe Caserta (Caserta Concepts), and George Coregedo (RedPoint Global) will discuss the issue.

A101: Moving from Big Data to Big Value. This session will address one of the biggest challenges that organisations today have to face: how to turn data into money. Thani Sokka from Google will present this session and I would like to learn from his experience.

B104: Taking Advantage of New Database Technologies. Everybody's talking about Spark, Hadoop, or whatever is the Big Data flavor of the month. In the meantime, the good old databases are reinventing themselves for the Big Data era, and amongst them is GridGain: an in-memory database. Nikita Ivanov from the company will tell us all about.

Saggi Neumann, CTO and Founder

A104: Winning Customers Through Business Intelligence. It seems trivial that BI solutions help businesses to move forward, but how does it actually happen? Mark Kryska (Kelly Services) will show us some actual real world use cases.

A105: Capitalizing on the Internet of Things. Big Data is hot; The IoT is hotter; Big Data and the IoT is hottest. Shyam Nath (GE) will tell us how we could make big bucks from the buzz.

A201: Increasing Your Productivity Through Data Visualization. Visualization is a fascinating subject that’s half science and half art. Amanda Gessert (Merkle) will tell us how to sort through large amounts of data to gain meaning and insights in a simple and attractive way.

Moty Michaely, VP R&D

C104: Big Data in the Cloud. This is quite a broad yet very important topic. The speaker is still TBD, but someone from Datavail—a database service—will share their thoughts with us.

B202: Panel Discussion: Preparing for the Internet of Things. The imminent arrival of the IoT kind of sounds like the arrival of data apocalypse, something we’d better be prepared for. The only question is how—we’re already generating an estimated 2 exabytes of data daily. Jane Allen Carlock (PWC), Peter Jensen (ParStream) and Hannah Smalltree (Treasure Data) will help us to get ready.

A203: Panel Discussion: The Future of Big Data. What, indeed, does the future of Big Data hold for us mortals? The Matrix? Skynet? HAL 9000? This could turn out to be one captivating discussion between Gary Bloom (MarkLogic), Wendy Gradek (EMC) and Bruno Aziza (Alpine Data Labs) where all of this is going.

And our #1 vote for the session you won’t want to miss:

H103: Hadoop in the Cloud

To get your Big Data job done right, you need to use the right Big Data tools. How can you make sure you are leveraging the right tools? Learn from Ben Sgro about how Simulmedia, a pioneer in audience-based advertising on TV, is using a custom Python framework to programmatically create EMR clusters, move data to and from Amazon Simple Storage Service, and load data into its Redshift data warehouse. Xplenty’s Yaniv Mor talks about how using Hadoop in a coding-free, cloud-based environment ensures that businesses can benefit from Big Data without having to invest in hardware, software, or related personnel.

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(Image by Alex Proimos, some rights reserved)