Hey all you out there in Xplentyland. We haven’t forgotten about you. In fact, we’ve been thinking about you since the last update regarding new features, because we’ve been adding...you guessed it, new features! So away we go...

New Features:

  1. You can now decide whether you want to just get a notification when a cluster is idle or auto-terminate it - with both API and UI. Translation? Save money!!!

  2. Scale your cluster up and down - after creating your cluster you can either add more nodes to it or remove nodes (to the initial size). So let’s say you underestimated the compute power you need. Instead of tearing down your cluster and starting over, you can scale to meet your demand in-process.

  3. You can now run a job directly from the dashboard or from My Clusters.

  4. A new assert component will allow you to set a condition for your data flow. If any record violates the condition, the job will fail.

There you have it. Some nice new features to make your crunching that much smoother. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have more features to make.