We at Xplenty are adding two new services from Google Cloud into our ever-increasing array of available integrations: Google Cloud Spanner and Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL. As a longtime member of the Google Cloud Technology Partner program, we have built our service and technology around incorporating Google Cloud’s offerings, including Google Cloud SQL, Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage and more, and we are thrilled to add these two new services to that list.

Xplenty and Google Cloud Spanner

Google Cloud Spanner is a globally distributed relational database service for mission critical applications. Xplenty’s integration will allow you to interact with Google Cloud Spanner to access and retrieve data stored on Spanner, as well as move data to it, when and how you want. This helps you to take advantage of Cloud Spanner’s scalability and transactional consistency . We believe that Spanner is a great fit for Xplenty’s framework, and it has provided our customers with new options. For example, you can now use Xplenty to migrate an existing database into Google Cloud Spanner, backup data to Spanner, or ETL data from Spanner into a data warehouse for analysis.

Xplenty and Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL

The addition of PostgreSQL to Google Cloud SQL is also very exciting. Xplenty already supports both Google Cloud SQL and PostgreSQL, and we are pleased to announce that we now have full native support of the new PostgreSQL service from Google Cloud as well. Similar to how Xplenty works with Spanner, our native support of Google PostgreSQL provides customers with the ability to both send data to Google PostgresSQL and also retrieve, transform, and move data from it to any of the other data services that we support, including a long list of non-Google data integrations, such as Facebook Ads, Salesforce, and MySQL, in addition to the above mentioned Google services.

At Xplenty, we pride ourselves on our unique cloud-based data integration capabilities. As a result, the release of these two new services from Google Cloud is of special interest to us. Incorporating these services into our already robust list of data integrations has served to enhance the functionality of Xplenty by providing our customers with more resources to better fit their business needs.