Salesforce is an amazing CRM platform, but it's pretty complex. There is a constant flow of massive amounts of data infiltrating the system through multiple sources and from multiple users types - Sales teams, Marketing teams, Data scientists, BI, software integrations, etc.

Salesforce data is valuable, and many times the need arises to analyze it and/or add external data to it, and this is difficult to achieve within the Salesforce platform. Moving data out of Salesforce and using a separate data store to perform this type of analytics has become more and more common.

But, dealing with the move, integration and preparation of all this valuable data can take a lot of time and effort, something most teams don't have the know-how to do and, dev teams often don't have the time to prioritize it.

That's where we swoop in to save the data day :)

At Xplenty, we make moving, integrating and preparing your data super fast and super simple.

With Salesforce at the top of everyone's list, we put it at the top of ours too.

Salesforce and Xplenty - a data force to be reckoned with.

As big fans of Salesforce ourselves - we use it daily - we tested every aspect of the integration by running tests on our own system.

How does Xplenty work with Salesforce?

Using our native Salesforce source component, Xplenty can read your Salesforce data, no coding required. Simply choose the objects you'd like to move and we'll automatically analyze the objects' schema and pull the relevant fields for you.

Yup, that's it. Check out how to make the connection here.

How to Integrate Salesforce with Xplenty?

To connect Salesforce with Xplenty, just click the drop-down arrow and select an existing connection, or create a new one.

object name: enter the name of the table to be imported. object fields: add or remove fields to import for the selected object. where clause: this field is optional. You can add the Salesforce SOQL predicate clauses to filter the data at the source.

Salesforce source component

And don't forget, when using Xplenty, you can easily join data from other data stores and combine it with Salesforce data even before pushing the processed data into your analytics data store.

Learn more about our other integrations like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, MongoDB and tons more.

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