First day at Vegas!

There's a lot of excitement in the air here at the Pallazo convention center where over 6000 attendees have registered for the SAP TechEd. Got the booklet, the obligatory bottle opener shaped USB stick and rushing to hear Nate Silver to understand his take on Big Data. Nate, the founder of talked much about how you distill the signal from the noise, which makes so much sense in the Big Data world. It is also 100% applicable to what Xplenty is doing in the sense that raw data in itself can be somewhat misleading, and you need to cleanse and pre-process your data first before trying to extract that precious insight from it.
We're jet lagged and tired but really looking forward to our networking session today, Tuesday, at 16:30 at the Speaker Networking Lounge, Hall C Level 2. Be sure to check Xplenty out!