Consolidated Data Gives Education Technology Company Cutting Edge Insights & Data Security




Los Angeles, CA

Company Size

51-200 Employees



GoGuardian offers education-focused SaaS products for Chromebook management, web-filtering, and classroom management. The solution gives educators better control over how their technology is used and provides valuable insights and analytics to help streamline instruction and shape student behavior in positive ways.

Use Case

Securely move relevant business data from multiple databases and software services into a centralized source for continual processing and analysis while ensuring that no data is exposed to unnecessary risks.

The business intelligence team can use Xplenty’s seamless solution to transfer data easily without using too many engineering resources. And if we do need help, what sets Xplenty apart is their support team. I’ve been blown away with the effort that they put into serving our needs.
Andrew Howard, Business Analyst at GoGuardian

As GoGuardian is a company geared towards education and the safety and privacy of students, finding a scalable platform to consolidate company data that also offered enough security to avoid exposing any data to unnecessary risk was quite a challenge. Without all of the company’s data in one place, GoGuardian struggled to identify how different aspects of the business, such as sales and product usage, influenced each other. The company knew that to take the company to the next level they would need to leverage their data.

With the help of Xplenty’s support team, GoGuardian realized the full scope of Xplenty’s data processing platform and was able to easily bring data from all of its sources into an Amazon Redshift database. GoGuardian’s BI team can now take data from different aspects and verticals of the company and connect them to make informed decisions. Now Sales can have a better understanding of how schools on trial are doing with the product, and Support Members can see how bug fixes effect the usage of administrators across different organizations.



  • Needed a SaaS platform that was customizable while allowing for easy scalability.
  • Required a solution with an extremely high level of security to ensure data was not exposed to risk.
  • Find a SaaS product that could consolidate data from many databases, software solutions and internal departments without engineering resources.



  • Xplenty’s data integration tool allowed GoGuardian to gain deeper insights into its business on a secure and scalable platform.



  • GoGuardian can use its BI platform on a centralized location to analyze data from across different company verticals.
  • The company can centralize its financial information to calculate sales compensation plans, analyze the market, and project how sales and leads are being processed.
  • Xplenty allows GoGuardian to be very particular about the data it transfers and provides extra protection for sensitive data.
  • The BI team can use Xplenty and to leverage data insights without using engineering resources.