Our Features

Process and integrate all your data on a single platform

Prepare Data for Analytics

Process, transform, and aggregate data according to your needs. Xplenty includes all the data manipulation features to get it ready for analysis, including IP geolocation, user agent parsing, datetime functions and many more.

Integrate Different Data Sources

Easily load, store, and join data from SQL data store, NoSQL databases, cloud storage services, and analytics tools, such as: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, Google Analytics, MongoDB, Amazon S3, Mixpanel, and many more. On-premise or on the cloud.

Process Multiple Data Types

Use structured, semi-structured or unstructured data with one tool. Xplenty processes relational data, JSON, and flat files such as CSV or web logs, and lets you output the results in any of these formats.

Zero Coding, No Deployment

Design dataflows, schedule tasks, and run jobs without deploying any clusters or writing a single line of code. Xplenty provides an intuitive interface that lets you process more data in less time.