Welcome to the world of HaaS (Hadoop-as-a-Service).

Traditionally there have been three types: SaaS (software), PaaS (platform), and IaaS (infrastructure). With these technologies, users enjoy all the benefits of the technology being employed, without the accompanying hassles.

Even for companies that don’t have really “big” data – yet – Hadoop is the right way to go if you want to future-proof your systems. Our goal is to make Hadoop accessible and cost-effective for everybody, and to grow alongside our customers.

The power of Hadoop

On one hand, the power of Hadoop enables you to process your Big Data with almost no limits. Add nodes without having to reprogram your entire system. Process whatever structures of data you require. Scale down when there’s less work. It’s so convenient…until you realize you have to train someone or pay someone to build the system, not to mention someone has to be on payroll or retainer to maintain the system.

More accessible and simple

Just like chocolate and peanut butter are a great combo, by seamlessly blending Hadoop with as a service technology, users are privy to the best of both worlds to process their Big Data. No longer does the user have to be confined by Hadoop’s barriers of entry.

Save time and money with a ready-made Hadoop system

Data collection is growing by leaps and bounds, and it’s imperative for companies to be able to use that data if they want to keep up with their competition. By using Hadoop as a Service, there is no waiting for a system to be built. Resources can be diverted to other areas directly related to the business plan instead of building and maintaining a data center. Your money is saved and the results are immediate.

If you would like to see how Hadoop-as-a-Service can benefit you, sign up here for a free 14 day trial account with Xplenty. Alternatively, we’d love to personally show you how we can add value to your business, so you can register here and we’d be delighted to give you a demo.

Happy crunching!