Aftership Integration Using Xplenty

Aftership is a shipment tracking platform designed to be built into a company’s website as a branded tracking page. It provides customers with details about a shipment, including what courier is delivering the package, where it is, and when it is estimated to be delivered. For the retailer, Aftership reduces logistical workload by monitoring the status of a shipment and automatically sending updates to customers as that status changes. It also helps retailers identify and respond to problems in their delivery systems by providing analytic reports on how many shipments were sent, delivered, lost, etc.

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Why Our Customers Choose Xplenty


We take ownership of your data pipelines. That means that our platform will ensure that your data continues to flow and that your pipelines won’t break - and, if they do break, it’s our problem, not yours. So rest easy knowing that Xplenty has got you covered.


Xplenty offers you full flexibility when it comes to how much control you have over the process of data integration. That means that you choose exactly what data will be delivered, how it’s going to be delivered, and when.

Ease of Use

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use Xplenty. There’s no code, no engineering and no need to worry about messing up your data delivery.


Data integration used to be the domain of IT, data developers and BI. Xplenty changes all of this, allowing every team within a company - marketing, sales, product, finance, HR, etc. - to use the platform to power their analytics and gain important business insights.