Integrating Facebook Ads Using Xplenty

Facebook Ads

About Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads provides you with a variety of good data for focusing your marketing pursuits, both on Facebook Ads and elsewhere. Because Facebook has access to so much user information, it is able to pull a deep amount of demographical data, which includes concrete facts like age and location, but also more elusive data like personal interests, content history, and social links. As an advertiser, you can choose whether to have Facebook build an audience for you (based on the customers you already know you have) or to choose an audience yourself manually, and then Facebook can take those audiences and match them with similar groups to create what they call a Lookalike Audience. With so much relying on having a full view of your audience demographics, it’s extremely useful that Facebook Ads provides you with that valuable advertising data, but this also means that your success on Facebook Ads can greatly benefit from a better understanding of what your company’s audience is to begin with.

Xplenty and Facebook Ads

That’s where we can help! Xplenty can certainly make ample use of the data that Facebook Ads generates. We give you the tools and ability to retrieve it, transform it, and move it to a new data store, or we can just help you prepare it in the way that is most beneficial to you. That data can be extremely useful in knowing how to format your advertising, knowing when to advertise, and knowing how to set up different kinds of marketing tests on Facebook Ads (like A/B testing, for example). However, we can also take the data you are already generating elsewhere (maybe on Google Adwords, Marketo, or Hubspot) and merge that with the data from Facebook Ads to give you an even better understanding of what kind of audience you have and what that audience wants and needs. By doing this, you can improve your marketing results on all your advertising platforms. If you want, we can even move all of that data into a data warehouse where it will be stored for later, so that you can continue to observe the trends that you are seeing in your audience.This will help you to better target future ads on Facebook Ads or anywhere else you have a marketing campaign. Basically, Facebook Ads gives you some great data, and Xplenty can help you to utilize that data in the best way possible for your business needs.

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