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Quickly design and execute data pipelines on the most secure and flexible data transformation platform.

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The Flexibility You Were Looking For

Transform your data with little to no-code. No longer worry about manual data transformations or extensive coding. However, if you love coding, you have the freedom to use our rich expression language, advanced API, and webhooks to customize and extend the Xplenty platform as you please.

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No More Lack of Customer Data insights

With Xplenty, You can now combine data from all of your sources and send them to one single destination. This gives you a single source of truth for all customer data saving you time, improving data insights, and increasing your market opportunities.

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Why Xplenty?

These days, it's not enough to just be able to extract and transform data, you need a way to mask and encrypt sensitive data to ensure your company is in compliance with the required data regulations. Here’s how we ensure that.
  • Rapid, low-code Implementation
    70% of our customers get their data pipelines set up in hours with streamlined no-code and low code implementation. Get your entire data team trained and data pipelines implemented within a week of your platform demo.
  • Prevent data breaches with Xplenty
    85% of cyber attacks come through well-intentioned employees. Ensure you aren’t the cause of your company’s data breach with advanced Xplenty security features.
  • Customization at Your Fingertips
    You can customize and extend the Xplenty platform as much as your imagination allows by using Xplenty’s X-console, rich expression language, advanced API, and web-hooks.

7-day trial • No credit card required

“Xplenty is a state-of-the-art tool with state-of-the-art connections and is extremely flexible, scalable and easy to work with”

Bill Heffelfinger
Bill Heffelfinger
Head Of Client Technology Solutions, Cloudfactory

Enterprise Security

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    AWS Technology
    Xplenty’s physical infrastructure is hosted and managed within Amazon’s data centers and utilizes the Amazon Web Service (AWS) technology. With AWS, we ensure you meet core security and compliance requirements and that your data is protected.
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    Our Team
    We have CISSP and Cybersecurity-certified members on our Security team that will help you create and implement your data security strategy. We also use SSL/TLS encryption on all our websites and microservices in order to maintain the highest security and data protection standards.
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    SOC 2 Audit
    Xplenty is certified as SOC 2 compliant. Xplenty has an annual penetration test performed by a 3rd party security firm leveraging the latest security penetration testing tools and methodologies. We work diligently to ensure that these strict security and privacy standards are continuously maintained.
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    Data Encryption
    We provide advanced security features like FLE, hashing, 2FA, and masking for your data. In the event that the first layer of your data is breached (i.e. someone gets access to your data), then the sensitive data fields are secured and not at risk.
Integrations and RestAPI

Connect easily to on-premise, cloud, and private data sources through our native connectors and RestAPI.

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    Integrate data from more than 100 native data sources and destinations including Salesforce, AWS, Snowflake, Netsuite, and more!
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    Use our REST API component to connect to any RESTful service including your existing monitoring, scheduling, and ops systems.
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Our fanatical support team provides you with:
  • 360 support through email, chat, phone, and online meeting support.
  • A tailored approach to your use-case for any problem that arises.
  • An extension to your data team.
  • "Xplenty is very easy to use and intuitive and the level of support we’ve received has been second to none—just fantastic!"

    Bill Heffelfinger
    Gerald Heath
    VP Technology, Gallus Golf
  • "Our assigned Success Engineer has been spectacular to work with. We’ve also leveraged the Xplenty support...who are responsive and always do the right thing for their clients."

    Bill Heffelfinger
    Bill Heffelfinger
    Head Of Client Technology Solutions, Cloudfactory

Xplenty really have provided an interface to this world of data transformation that works. It’s intuitive, it’s easy to deal with [...] and when it gets a little too confusing for us, Xplenty’s customer support team will work for an entire day sometimes on just trying to help us solve our problem, and they never give up until it’s solved.

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