Design and execute data pipelines on the most advanced SecurETL platform.

A complete toolkit for building data pipelines

Use Xplenty’s package designer to implement a variety of data integration use cases, from simple replication to complex data preparation and transformation tasks, with a point-and-click interface. Out of the box data transformations will save you time and effort whilst maintaining control over any data that’s flowing.


Operational peace of mind

Execute packages either from the UI or the API. Our platform lets you schedule jobs, monitor job progress, and status as well as sample data outputs to ensure correctness and validity. We know it’s not just about the data but also the orchestration and monitoring, so we made sure our platform has what it takes to let you sleep well at night.


Xplenty's user interface was by far better than anything else I'd seen as an ETL solution. Just an intuitive drag and drop. Nothing to install. Once the data pipeline is created, it's simple. Xplenty has simplified the task of moving data or transforming data from one set to another set.

Raymond Matos, Director of Ad Technology, Medialets.

We struggled to find a solution to automate reporting, in particular the notoriously difficult Facebook marketing/advertising APIs. Xplenty was the only solution that let us get to exactly the information we wanted, and with them we reduced our main reporting from a brutal 3.5 hour manual process to 2 clicks.

Joe Marcus, Director of Analytics @ India Hicks

Integrate data from more than 100 data stores and SaaS applications

Easy configuration to pull or push data from the most popular data sources, on the public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise infrastructure using Xplenty’s native connectors. Applications, databases, files, data warehouses - we’ve got them all.

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Customization at
your fingertips

Use Xplenty’s rich expression language, advanced API, and webhooks to customize and extend the Xplenty platform. Use our generic REST API component to connect to any RESTful service. Develop and test functions with Xplenty’s X-console.

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Elasticity and scalability, out of the box

Process a few records every week or a billion records every hour with Xplenty’s scalable and elastic infrastructure. Scaling up or down is as easy as moving a slider, allowing you to maintain the most cost-effective infrastructure needed to support your business needs.


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