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Few times a day or less

Continuous updates throughout the day

24/7 with unlimited power

From /month


Few times a day or less

From $999/month

(billed annually)

Run jobs a few times a day, every few hours or less. The ideal plan for small to medium-sized businesses integrating data from primary data sources.


Continuous updates throughout the day

From $2499/month

(billed annually)

No more worrying about your data and keeping it up-to-date. This plan will keep your data synced so that your reports and dashboards are current at all times.


24/7 with unlimited power

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The plan for companies looking to move an unlimited amount of data with more compute power, more sources, and more pipeline complexity.

Unlimited integrations
Unlimited integrations

All of your data in one place
(more than 100 integrations).

Integrate your cloud-based and on-premise data stores to keep your data organized, synced and updated. That means that you can have all your data in one place, no matter what sources you’re working with.

Unlimited integrations
Unlimited account users

Our intuitive point-and-click interface allows both business users and developers to quickly design and deploy data pipelines with almost no learning curve.

This allows all departments & team members across your organization to integrate and manipulate data, no matter their skill set. That means no delegating, no using engineering resources and no worrying about your team’s internal bandwidth.

Unlimited integrations
Sandbox environment

Avoid failures and ensure that your integrations run seamlessly by testing them during development.

Unlimited integrations
Support you can count on

Data integration can be tricky because you have to handle things like scale, complex file formats, connectivity, API access and more. We will be there with you along the way to help you tackle these challenges head on. With email, chat, phone and online meeting support, we’ve got your back.

Unlimited integrations
Out-of-the-box transformations

Filter, join, aggregate, sort, union - we’ve got them all. Integrate your data with a wide range of transformations in a code-free environment.

Unlimited integrations
Full control over data

You have complete control over your data delivery process. You decide what data will be delivered, how it will be delivered and when it will it be delivered. As simple as it sounds.

Unlimited integrations
Ad-hoc and scheduled execution

Run data processes as needed or schedule job executions for hands-off integration.

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Xplenty is a data delivery platform that allows organizations to easily integrate, transform and process data from all of their sources. With our unique data delivery platform, we free you from the hassle of traditional data integration and ETL so that you can focus on what really matters: analytics, insights, and business value.
Xplenty is not just for developers or engineers. Our customers come from many industries, and our easy-to-use interface makes data delivery accessible and possible for all. If your company has multiple data sources and you’re looking to make your lives easier with user-friendly integrations and analytics, then Xplenty is the solution for you.
When your trial is up, you can buy online and pay via credit card, or pay by invoice by talking to one of our sales representatives.
Yes. We are SaaS company that offers annual subscriptions, and you can upgrade or downgrade your Xplenty account at any time.
Data delivery is the process of connecting your data sources so that all of your company’s information is synced, accurate, up-to-date and ready for analysis. This kind of comprehensive integration empowers businesses by allowing them to fully understand their customers and the overall effectiveness of their efforts. From this, they can draw key business insights that will help them achieve success and long-term growth.
Yes. No credit card is required, and you will have a fully functioning Xplenty platform for the duration of your trial.
Absolutely. At Xplenty, safety is our number one priority. That’s why we have SSL/TLS data encryption, physical security, firewalls, and more to ensure that networks are secure at all times. For more information, check out our privacy policy and terms of service.
If you don’t see the data source that you’re looking for in our integration pages, let us know and we will create it for you.