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Jim Rohrer

Working with Xplenty has been a great collaboration for Adpeak. Xplenty allowed us to process our entire database—billions of daily impressions—incredibly fast, which increased our data ROI. Our entire data team now has the ability to easily access the data and generate reports as needed.

Jim Rohrer
Software Engineer @ Adpeak Inc.
Sasha Abramovich

Xplenty served us a fast and solid path to upgrade and enhance our Big Data solution stack. Xplenty is all about meeting the customer's business needs, such as support, training or feature development on request - they are always happy to give a helping hand in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Sasha Abramovich
Product Manager @ Natural Intelligence
Slava Borodovsky

Xplenty saves us time dealing with data since it isn’t necessary to change the schema constantly. We are also independent in terms of IT, where we've saved on headcount resources and can put more attention on analytics and business insights than on Hadoop technical maintenance.

Slava Borodovsky
BI Director @ Fiverr

"I executed an Xplenty ETL package via my mobile while skiing the French Alps."

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Simple, Scalable Data Processing Cloud Service

Xplenty’s cloud-based, easy-to-use, big data processing platform makes it easy to process more data, faster, reducing preparation time so businesses can unlock insights quickly.

Xplenty is a data integration service.

Our Big Data processing cloud service brings immediate results to the entire organization. From designing dataflows to scheduling jobs, Xplenty can process both structured and unstructured data and integrate with a variety of sources, including SQL data stores, NoSQL databases and cloud storage services.