Who needs Xplenty?

Big Data is not a fad

You’ve definitely seen that phrase before, whether on a data oriented website, a tech blog, or someone’s banner ad. It’s here to stay. So who exactly would benefit from Xplenty’s Hadoop as a Service? The short answer, a lot of people.

The good news is that if you fit into any of these categories below, we can make your job easier.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Consultants, Senior Business Intelligence Consultants, Business Intelligence Developers, Business Intelligence Analysts, Business Intelligence Architects, Business Intelligence Managers, Business Intelligence Leads

You can focus directly on the data and get it in the time-frame that you dictate, instead of waiting to have your dataflows programmed or clusters provisioned.

Data Warehousing and Architects

Data Warehouse Consultants, Data Warehouse Architects, Data Architects, Lead Data Architects, Enterprise Data Architects, Data Modelers, Etl Architects, Data Warehouse Developers, Senior Data Architects, Etl Developers, Senior Etl Developers, Etl Leads, Etl Consultant, Senior Etl Consultants, Sql Developers

With our API, you can seamlessly integrate Xplenty’s Hadoop as a Service right into your architecture in no time, instead of having to program and test.

CIOs and CTOs

As a C level executive, you have a birds-eye view of the company. All areas are equally important, but sometimes priorities shift. By using Xplenty, you eliminate the need to program your ETL. Resources are freed up and other priorities move up the list. Leverage the BI team’s existing skills and crunch a lot more data using Hadoop without the steep learning curve.


Database Administrators, Database Developers, Database Consultants, Database Analysts, Lead Database Administrators, Database Architects, Senior Database Administrators, Oracle Database Administrators, Senior Oracle Database Administrators

Xplenty lets you use your skills on way more data, while using Hadoop. Also, you can integrate Hadoop with the databases of which you’re in charge.

That was a mouthful. Not done though. Big Data isn’t just for BI, Architects, Developers and technical types. If you have anything to do with marketing, knowing your customer’s behavior is key to tailoring their experience. This will gain their loyalty, and make them repeat customers.

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