93% of companies have a big data problem.

Xplenty's platform means less time spent collecting, cleansing and merging data. Take advantage of your unified data with a single user interface.

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Your data is a sitting duck

Data aggregation is a key activity that leads to downstream attacks and breaches. Companies must enforce policies to keep themselves and their customers protected. Get your DPO excited about ETL by respecting the governance and regulatory restrictions of your industry.
  • Stop attacks at the source
  • Aggregrate the minimum amount of data necessary
  • Meet requirements for HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA & more...
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Xplenty really have provided an interface to this world of data transformation that works. It’s intuitive, it’s easy to deal with [...] and when it gets a little too confusing for us, Xplenty’s customer support team will work for an entire day sometimes on just trying to help us solve our problem, and they never give up until it’s solved.

Quote Dave Schuman / CTO and Co-Founder at Raise.me

A fully managed, automated solution for building secure data pipelines

A simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop, no-code or low-code GUI

Xplenty combines a drag-and-drop interface and personalized user support to empower any member of your organization to design sophisticated extract, transform, and load pipelines.

It doesn't matter if you've no coding experience - Xplenty empowers everyone to build and manage data pipelines.

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Connect to over 140 data sources including databases, data warehouses, and cloud-based SaaS platforms

You can use Xplenty to connect virtually any data source with any destination – including the most popular databases, data warehouses, and cloud data warehouses.

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Cutting-edge security, encryption, and data compliance features

Leverage Xplenty's industry leading Data Security team along with the Xplenty platform's security transformation features to ensure that your data is stored in a secure and compliant manner.

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Extract and transform all your data on the fly, at scale, ready for analysis

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    Unlimited 24/7 support
    Unlimited support by phone and video for all users
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    Over 140 data sources
    All your data sources and SaaS applications are packaged
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    Simple flat-rate pricing
    The pricing model your Finance team dreams of. No increasing costs as your data volumes increase.
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    Field-level encryption
    Secure your sensitive data fields on the fly using Xplenty's encryption transformation. Security teams love field-level encryption.
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    Easy to setup
    Get your data pipelines up and running in a few minutes.
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    Zero Maintenance
    Xplenty manages all your future changes automatically.
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    Built to Scale
    Handle millions of records per minute without latency.
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    Data Transformation
    220+ prebuilt to cover all your transformation requirements

7-day trial • No credit card required

Books, Guides & Resources

Dive deeper with rich insights and practical information about building, managing, and protecting your data from people and companies using Xplenty to power your everyday work.

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    5 Data Collection Methods for Analytics
    Is the data warehouse dead? Are data lakes the next big thing? Or is streaming where it’s at? Well, the not-so-simple answer is that it depends...
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    How to Hire the Right Head of BI for your project
    Now, more than ever, successful business intelligence (BI) is an essential component of every business strategy. It’s simple: if you evaluate your...
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    BI Professions in the Age of "Data-Driven Companies"
    To build an effective, sustainable business intelligence (BI) strategy, there’s not just a lot to do - there’s also a lot of people that have to be...
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“The customer support is one of the best I have experienced. They were very prompt every time I would have an issue with using Xplenty. Moreover, the development team is also quite fast, as they were able to implement pagination for an API I was using in less than 2 days.”

Alexandru Cohaniuc
Alexandru Cohaniuc

“Xplenty is a state-of-the-art tool with state-of-the-art connections and is extremely flexible, scalable and easy to work with”

Bill Heffelfinger
Bill Heffelfinger
Head Of Client Technology Solutions, Cloudfactory
The most advanced platform in SecurETL.

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