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Make Effective Campaigns

Omnichannel marketing

By integrating all of your marketing sources, including social media data, analytics and CRM data, Xplenty ensures that your marketing information is up-to-date, transparent and accurate.

Data-driven insights

Get big picture, actionable insights from your campaigns and use them to increase conversions and improve your marketing strategies.


"Xplenty makes it much easier to extract and analyze data from disparate systems. More importantly, it gives us back our time to focus on making decisions and taking action based on insights."

Alex Townsend
Alex Townsend
Senior Business Analyst
San Francisco
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Senior Business Analyst
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Enrich Your Marketing Database

Data Enrichment

Xplenty can integrate your data enrichment tools so that your marketing automations are always up-to-date and your customer information - including email address, phone number and job change - is always complete.

Targeted Communication

Once you have enriched your customer data, Xplenty can help you store it in a CRM - such as Salesforce - or in any other data repository for future use. This will allow you to send targeted, effectively segmented communication without spending any extra time or resources.

"We are currently using Xplenty for many of our ETL needs ingesting Google Adwords and Analytics, Facebook and Bing, among others, into our Redshift Data Warehouse. What sold us on Xplenty was your ability to keep the API's updated and in sync. We don't have to keep updating things on our end every time Google makes a change. The pipe doesn't break when using Xplenty."

Matthew Greger
Matthew Greger
Director of Technology
 Diray Media

Get Personal

Smart Segmentation

By allowing you to connect relevant sources - including customer data, advertising data and CRM data - Xplenty can help you fully understand your audience and target personas. Use this understanding to create better automations and improve both engagement rates and user experience.

Personalized Emails

Emails are one of the most important, consistent forms of communication that you have with your customers. Use your optimized data and segmentations to send highly personalized emails that will improve your click-through rates and increase ROI.

"Xplenty's Salesforce integration has allowed our analysts to clean and transform our Salesforce data in a repeatable, easy-to-modify way. It lets us spend more time learning from our data instead of working on it."

Fabio DeSousa
Fabio DeSousa
Product Development Associate
 Pack Health

Scale Your Efforts

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Smart Campaigns

By effectively automating your marketing efforts, you can maintain consistent, efficient communication with your customers. This will not only improve UX but also free up your time for other tasks and projects.

Prolonged Lifecycle

Communication that anticipates needs and exceeds expectations can increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, encouraging repeat purchases and making the lifecycle of each customer much longer.

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