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Use Xplenty to make sure that your customer support efforts are more effective, transparent, complete and manageable than ever before.

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Measure Your Effectiveness

Comprehensive Insights

Integrate your customer support data with data from other relevant sources - like social media, analytics, and your CRM - into one place to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers.

Better Business Decisions

Know what business strategies to improve and how by understanding the effectiveness of your efforts over time.


"Xplenty automates pulling together our data, whether on-prem or in the cloud, into a central location. It has allowed us to leverage new analytical tools to understand our business better and to eliminate a lot of manual, time consuming reporting."

French Williams
French Williams
IT Manager

Scalable Customer Support

Intuitive Growth

Prevent data silos and make sure that your data is consistently cleaned, aggregated, and filtered in order to be able to scale easily and efficiently.

Data Enrichment

Don't send your customers information that’s irrelevant or unproductive. Use data enrichment to fully understand your customers and successfully hit on their pain points and interests.

"At first we tried building our own ETL pipeline, then we evaluated 5 other ETL vendors - and Xplenty was by far the most reliable, affordable, and easy to use."

Federico Nusymowicz
Federico Nusymowicz
Software Engineer

Common Integrations


Customized Support Solutions

Personalized Engagement

Personalize and segment your communications - via email, in-app messages, support tickets, etc. - based on an accurate understanding of your customers’ interests and lifecycle stages.

Prevent Churn

Turn new customers into active users and prevent churn by sending educational, highly-targeted information.


Common Integrations

Automatic Upsell
and Cross-Sell

Cross-Sell the Right Audience

Comprehensive customer insights allow you to target the right customers and cross-sell complementary products/services.

Upsell to Paid Plans

Identify when users are ready for more and promote your paid options at the right moment.

Usage overview


Common Integrations

"Xplenty makes it much easier to extract and analyze data from disparate systems. More importantly, it gives us back our time to focus on making decisions and taking action based on insights."

Alex Townsend
Alex Townsend
Senior Business Analyst
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