What is Data Integration?

What is Data Integration?

Simply put, data integration is bringing different data sources together into one place. It’s an important process for ensuring that you have consistent, clean data that can easily be analyzed or mined for information.

Businesses and institutions receive data from more locations than ever before: CRMs, sales, social media, customer support, etc. Every source provides valuable data, but it is much more valuable when all of the sources can talk to each other, rather than remain secluded.

Data integration facilitates these “conversations” between sources, which can greatly increase the value of the data from each source. For example, your social media data can be joined with your customer support data to increase the speed and quality of your customer support responses. Similarly, you can integrate your customer support data with data from your CRM to learn how to better target the needs of your customers.

While data integration isn’t a new concept, it can certainly be difficult to carry out. Historically, joining data has been a slow, tedious and difficult process. If you did it yourself, you almost certainly risked things like inaccurate or duplicate data, which could cost a fortune in lost sales and data cleaning. More importantly, you risked losing your valuable time focusing your efforts on your integrations rather than on the core of your product or business.

With a data delivery platform like Xplenty, this process becomes much more user-friendly and straightforward! Using Xplenty, you can simply select the data sources that you want to integrate and tell us where you ultimately want to store the data. Our technology will do the rest.

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