What is ETL?

What is ETL?

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) is an acronym used to describe a data integration process, which is one of the services offered by Xplenty. Your company has access to many data sources but, more often than not, that data is presented in a way that is less useful to you than it could be if it were sorted differently or combined with some other relevant data.

Extract: Extracting data is the act of targeting a data source and pulling the data from it so that it can be transformed, integrated and stored elsewhere. We can target many different databases of various types for extractions, and we can run each extraction on a schedule so that you get a regular flow of current and accurate data.

Transform: Since data doesn’t necessarily come to you in the form that you want, it usually needs to be transformed. Maybe you want to limit the data that you are storing to just a few fields or sort it so that all the columns are in a certain order. Perhaps you want to join several tables together, or maybe you have a messy database full of duplicate records that need to be cleaned. Transformation is the step in the ETL process that will take care of preparing the data to make it most useful to you when you access it.

Load: Finally, once the data has been sorted, clean, validated and prepared, you want to load that data somewhere. Maybe that somewhere is its original destination - like if you pulled data from a CRM like Salesforce, combined it with some data from other databases and wanted to load it back into Salesforce - or maybe you are loading that data into a data warehouse where you can keep it for future analysis and tracking trends. Regardless, this is the step where we will move the data to wherever you want it to be.

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