The Driver of your Data-Driven Enterprise

How to succeed in Hiring your ‘Head of BI’?

More and more companies are redefining themselves as “data-driven” – learning to base mission-critical decisions on actionable insights excavated from big data. Naturally, part of this process involves team-building – hiring business intelligence professionals to staff your newly-created BI organization.

Every car needs a driver, and every BI team needs a leader. This strategic position will to a large extent determine the success of your organization’s BI - guiding it to effectively transform raw data into actionable insights.

It’s not a simple position to fill, and savvy HR executives are treading with care in the hiring process.

To gain some insights into how companies are choosing their Heads of BI, we interviewed Matt Mueller, President of the BI and analytics recruitment firm CBIG Recruiting & Staffing.

Here’s some of the questions we asked, and what Matt had to say:

  • When should I hire a Head of BI?

    When your business and data analysis capabilities outgrow each other – making it more of a burden than benefit to use standardized tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Flurry, Localytics, and Segment – it’s time... [Learn more in the full e-book]

  • What skills does an effective BI Director need?

    A successful head of BI must have the strategic ability to construct a compelling vision for the BI unit and to execute it. Therefore they need to have an extensive skill set and experience in both business and IT... [Learn more in the full e-book]

  • How do I find the right candidates for head of BI?

    According to Mueller, companies often get distracted by minute technical qualifications such as whether or not a candidate is experienced with a certain tool, process, or platform. What they forget is that, “these technologies change over the years and, in some cases, they can change rapidly...” [Learn more in the full e-book]

  • How can I guarantee a person is the ‘right fit’?

    While some people think that data is data, regardless of industry, Mueller argues that your BI director, “really needs to know about the industry in which your organization operates, especially when it comes to analytics.” With so much data to manipulate, your BI chief needs a strong understanding of your specific industry so the right data is used in formulating data-driven decisions... [Learn more in the full e-book]

  • I’ve successfully hired a BI director…but how many people do I need on the team?

    Mueller contends that this depends on the size of your company. You may only want to hire one person for business intelligence, or you may need more people to ensure that the BI process is as smooth as possible. It really comes down to your BI implementation model and infrastructure. [Learn more in the full e-book]

According to Mueller, to gain the advantages offered by BI, you need the right combination of expertise and leadership skills to ensure that your BI team will be able to deliver the right data, crunch the numbers, and create figures and meaningful reports to help drive your business decisions.

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