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Dave Schuman
Dave Schuman
CTO and Co-Founder at
They really have provided an interface to this world of data transformation that works. It’s intuitive, it’s easy to deal with [...] and when it gets a little too confusing for us, [Xplenty’s customer support team] will work for an entire day sometimes on just trying to help us solve our problem, and they never give up until it’s solved.
Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard
Business Analyst, GoGuardians
The business intelligence team can use Xplenty’s seamless solution to transfer data easily without using too many engineering resources. And if we do need help, what sets Xplenty apart is their support team. I’ve been blown away with the effort that they put into serving our needs.
David Ilievsky
David Ilievsky,
R & D Director, WalkMe
WalkMe's task of running over very big queries, opening the stream, aggregating the vast amounts - with so many records - it's a heavy task. It's something you need to constantly maintain. It's something that takes you a lot of time to develop. And Xplenty does all that for us, we just configure the package and run the cluster.
Maxime Verger Del Bove
Maxime Verger Del Bove,
Software Engineer, Work4Labs
With Xplenty, everything is seamless and flexible. You actually enjoy doing data migration. In the past, it was a nightmare, and now you want to push data all the time, and it’s very cool.