Xplenty Has Launched a Public Release

Xplenty is pleased to announce we are launching a public release. Now anyone can sign up, get a free 14 day trial period in which they can build packages and test them. Then, once you’ve realized how easy it is to process large amounts of data using Xplenty, you can pick a pricing plan and become an actual paying customer. The pricing plans determine the maximum size and number of clusters that can be created in an Xplenty account. Existing customers will not be affected by the changes.

We’ve also added these new Xplenty features:

  • A new sandbox cluster type is provided for development purposes. The sandbox cluster is not production-grade and isn’t scalable but is great for playing around with packages. You can create one in every account and test your packages on relatively small amounts of data until they look right. The best thing about it is that it’s free to use.
  • We made some changes in the APIs to add more information, support pricing plans, and sandbox clusters. You now Add a Cluster without cluster plans.
  • We added sticky notes in the package designer for you to document and leave comments regarding what’s going on in your packages.
  • We’ve also buffed up our knowledge base to help you out with any questions you may have.

Thanks for using Xplenty.


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