Version Control

We are delighted to announce that we now support package version control and package export and import. Often in larger data engineering teams, it is very useful to version an Xplenty package, keep track of a specific package version, schedule a certain package version, and rollback to a specific package version. Xplenty's new Version Control consists of the following core features:

  • Ability to lock a package version on a schedule

  • Ability to create a major version from the package designer

  • View / Rollback to previous versions

Here an Xplenty package shows its version number and the version's description:


Package Export

Customers can now export their Xplenty package's configuration in JSON, so it can be stored in their company source code control system.

Package Import

Customers can now import their JSON package configurations.


Please talk with your account manager if you want these features enabled on your account. More information on Version Control & Package Import & Export can be found on our Knowledge Base.