Since its release in 2007, Heroku has risen to become one of the top PaaS (platform as a service) tools for building web applications in the cloud. Organizations such as Product Hunt, Toyota, Zapier, and Macy’s have all used Heroku to rapidly and easily deploy powerful web apps to achieve their business objectives.  

Like many technologies, Heroku changes rapidly, and it’s important for developers to stay as up-to-date as possible. Conferences are an excellent way to refresh your Heroku knowledge and network with some of the leading experts in the field.

The good news is that there is no shortage of Heroku-related events and conferences to attend in 2020; however, in light of the recent health and safety concerns, many of them have moved to full-virtual or virtual-personal hybrid format. With that in mind,  we thought it would be helpful to provide updates on 2020 Heroku conferences (and ones that Heroku users might find interesting) to account for any platform or schedule changes:

1. X-Force Data Summit

2. RubyConf

3. Dreamforce 2020

4. Node+JS Interactive 2020

5. Micro Focus Virtual Universe

7. DockerCon

7. VMWorld

Please note that not all of these events aren’t strictly about Heroku—the platform is too simple and straightforward to justify the need for a multi-day annual conference. However, the events below are either sponsored by Heroku or directly relevant to the concerns of developers using Heroku. 

1. X-Force Data Summit

Xforce - banner ad.png

Date: April 29-30

Location: Virtual

The very own conference from Xplenty should be an ideal spot for anyone using Heroku. The X-Force Data Summit brings together the global Salesforce community, sharing best practices, workflows, and lessons learned through Salesforce data and integrations.

This year's data summit features speakers from Litmus, Broughton Partners, Bitrise, and CallSource. Agenda topics include "Salesforce Confessions," "Using Salesforce With Reddit," "Combining Segment With Salesforce," and "Interactive Email: Don't Do It Just Because You Can(t)."

Registration for the X-Force Data Summit is free.

2. RubyConf 2020


Date: November 17th-19th

Location: Houston, TX

The Ruby programming language is highly popular among web developers for its practicality, flexibility, and clarity. Ruby forms the backbone of the open-source web application framework Ruby on Rails (or just "Rails"), which has been used by companies such as Airbnb, GitHub, and Bloomberg to build powerful web apps.

Rails developers frequently use Heroku to rapidly deploy their applications, as demonstrated by the guide "Getting Started on Heroku with Rails 5.x" on the Heroku website. It only makes sense, then, that Heroku was a sponsor at RubyConf 2019, the world's largest event for companies and individuals who program in Ruby. Keynote speakers at RubyConf in November 2019 included Ruby expert Sandi Metz, as well as the language's creator himself, Yukihiro Matsumoto.

Program and pricing information for this years' event is still in the works; however, if history repeats itself, tickets to the 2020 event should cost around $400 for individuals and $700 for corporate attendees. Check the event website for more details.

3. Dreamforce 2020


Date: November 9-12

Location: San Francisco, CA

Upon its initial release in 2007, Heroku was such a success that the platform was acquired three years later by customer relationship management (CRM) software company The price tag? A cool $212 million in cash.

The Salesforce annual conference is called Dreamforce, uniting over 170,000 people during a four-day event at multiple locations throughout San Francisco. At Dreamforce 2019, Heroku provided a “Heroku Trail Map” guiding attendees to Heroku-related talks and workshops. This year, the Heroku sessions at Dreamforce included:

  • Introduction to Heroku: Deploy Your First Heroku App
  • Leveraging Heroku for Data Agility When You Have Multiple Salesforce Products
  • Quickest Path to Heroku for Salesforce Teams
  • Manipulate and Integrate Salesforce Data with Heroku Connect and Heroku Postgres
  • How iFood Built Brazil's Leading Digital Food Delivery Ecosystem with Heroku

Details about Dreamforce 2020 are thus far hard to come by, since the 2019 event has barely wrapped up. Still, we feel confident in saying that Heroku will again have a major presence at the event. Full-conference passes for Dreamforce cost between $1,599 and $2,299.

4. Node+JS Interactive 2020


Date: December 11-12, 2020

Location: Austin, TX

Node.js is an open-source server-side JavaScript runtime environment that enables developers to run JavaScript outside the browser. Because it’s often used to build web applications, Heroku is a natural partner for Node.js. Indeed, the Heroku website features a tutorial for getting started on Heroku with Node.js. Heroku and Salesforce are “Gold Sponsors” at Node+JS Interactive 2020, which includes many talks about Node.js and web development in general. 

Standard full-price tickets for Node+JS Interactive 2020 cost $699, with early bird and student discounts. Check the website for more details.

5. Micro Focus Virtual Universe 2020

Date: May 19-21

Location: Virtual

The Application Delivery Management software MicroFocus delivers one of the best and most comprehensive conferences out there - perfect for Heroku users - and this year, it's all virtual. Agenda topics cover application delivery, application modernization and connectivity, IT applications management, and security, risk, and governance.

This year sees a wide variety of engaging guest speakers, including Leland Melvin from NASA and several high-ranking figures from MicroFocus.

Registration for the event is free.

6. DockerCon

DockerCon | LinkedIn

Date: May 28

Location: Virtual

The ever-popular DockerCon goes virtual for 2020, with a full menu of events, talks, and information perfect for those involved in the Heroku world.

This one-day special conference includes live speakers on a variety of industry hot topics, along with a multitude of recorded sessions (and the ability to chat live with guest speakers). There are three simultaneously-streaming channels to choose from within DockerCon. Guests providing insight at DockerCon include industry experts, "Docker" experts, and many other leading figures from technology.

Registration for DockerCon is free.

7. VMWorld

Date: August 30-September 3

Location: San Francisco

VMWorld features plenty of learning tracks ideal for Heroku users. Explore app modernization, the cloud, intrinsic security, and the digital workspace.

Topics covered in prior VMworld sessions included "Cloud Native Experts Behind Hundreds of Deployments," "Best Practices: Security and Compliance for Cloud Workloads," and "Consuming Cloud Provider Container Services."

The early bird rate for VMWorld is $1,895 for an individual (running from May 7 through June 21). Rates will increase from $2,195 (from June 21-August 4) to an on-site rate of $2,395 from August 25-29. There are discounts for alumni, education outlets, and other attendees.

Final Thoughts

All of these conferences should provide an excellent option for Heroku users around the country! Also, don't forget about the X-Force Data Summit from Xplenty - the place where the global Salesforce community shares best practices, workflows, and lessons learned around Salesforce data and integrations. Learn more about the summit here.

Xplenty is the leading cloud-based ETL solution that creates simple, visualized data pipelines to your data warehouse or data lake. If you need an ETL solution that integrates with Heroku, contact us here!

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