Heroku is one of the most popular PaaS (platforms as a service) out there, and despite being one of the oldest, always has something exciting to offer. That’s why developers and technology enthusiasts flock to a range of data and tech events to find out what’s new with Heroku.

Sadly, many events are now canceled or postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even many Heroku events hosted by the platform itself are now canceled. However, other tech events are still going ahead, either as virtual or hybrid events, and most attendees can access the content online.

To slake the thirst of web app developers and their teams hunting for Heroku events, we’ve picked out seven of the best tech and data events for 2021. There are so many companies collaborating with and using Heroku. That's just like Xplenty did when we offered our data integration service as part of the software solution for the MDA Kevin Hart Kids Telethon. Attending a range of conferences helps developers or DevOps teams understand what they can use Heroku for—and what’s next for PaaS and SaaS in general.

Table of Contents

  1. Rails Conf 2021
  2. The Women in Technology World Series Online Festival
  3. Red Hat Summit 2021
  4. Devoxx France
  5. Open Data Science Conference
  6. Internet of Things World
  7. QCon Plus
  8. Getting the Most Out of Heroku Events 2021

RailsConf 2021

Date: April 13 to April 15
Location: Fully virtual
Pricing: $300 for individual attendees. Group discounts are available.

Ruby on Rails users and contributors who use Heroku for their deployment should take a look at this 3-day event in April. RailsConf 2021 is entirely virtual, but attendees from at least ten countries are confirmed, making this a diverse and exciting opportunity to connect with the wider community. More than 5,1000 members of the Rails community contribute towards improving and updating the framework, so the conference is an ideal way to put faces to names and make relevant connections.

Key speakers include Eileen M. Uchitelle of GitHub, Aaron Patterson of Shopify, and David Heinemeier Hansson of Basecamp.

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The Women in Technology World Series Online Festival

Date: June 7 to June 11
Location: Virtual
Pricing: Tickets start at $69. Group discounts are available.

With a focus on equality and equity in the world of tech careers, WiT Festival attendees can expect some fascinating talks on diversity within the world of data and technology. Beyond this, there are also some in-depth and exciting talks and workshops around cross-mobile app development, DevSecOps, and code quality—ideal for anyone using Heroku for their app deployment that needs to fine-tune their development skills.

Potential attendees can register their interest here.

Red Hat Summit 2021

Date: April 27 to 28, June 15 to 16, and a fall date to be confirmed
Location: The first two events are virtual and the fall event may be hybrid to allow some hands-on interaction
Pricing: Free for the virtual events. In-person event pricing TBA.

The Red Hat Summit takes a wide and varied look at enterprise IT. Attendees will get the most out of the summit by attending all three scheduled events, the first two of which are free with the third pending further details. If you can only attend one event, make it the June one, where Red Hat speakers will take a deep dive into cloud-native application development and hybrid cloud solutions.

Devoxx France

Date: June 30 to July 2
Location: Palais des Congrès, Paris
Pricing: A full pass for the whole event is priced at 625 euros. More limited passes are available for 225 euros.

Billed as the event for passionate developers, Devoxx France has bravely committed to in-person events for their 3 -day conference. Quirkily called the 9 and ¾ event, a reference both to Harry Potter and the fact that they’ve already canceled the prior two events, registration is now open for this developer-favorite event which always sells out. Topics and exhibitors are yet to be confirmed, as the line-up will be smaller due to safety measures.

Devoxx also plans events in Poland and the U.K. later in the year. 

Open Data Science Conference

Date: March 30 to April 1
Location: Virtual
Pricing: Free passes are available for a limited amount of content. Other passes range from $99 to $799.

The Open Data Science Conference boasts 300 hours of content and currently expects 6500 attendees. The organizers pride themselves on being community-focused, with peer-to-peer learning opportunities and plenty of chances to connect. Data scientists and enterprise tech professionals can take either a dip or a deep dive into topics like AI, machine vision, and data science management.

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Internet of Things World

Date: November 2 to November 4
Location: Santa Clara Convention Center with online access available.
Pricing: TBC

IoT World 2021 promises to be a fascinating exploration of the intersectionality of industry and technology. To highlight this, the IoT event occurs alongside the AI Summit, Silicon Valley, showcasing a new generation of securely connected environments. Expect plenty of conversation around applications that allow enterprises to adapt and thrive in our changing world. The event is currently listed as in-person, with potential attendees encouraged to register for updates.

This IoT event is still taking submissions for speakers and sponsors, via the link above.

QCon Plus

Date: May 17 - 28
Location: Virtual
Pricing: Tickets range up to $599. The earlier you book, the lower the cost.

QCon London was to be a massive, in-person event, but was canceled due to the pandemic. InfoQ has rallied admirably, providing a range of virtual events. They include QCon Plus, a two-week virtual conference aimed primarily at software engineers. Anyone searching for Heroku events should know that Heroku is a sponsor for InfoQ events, so developers or tech professionals that use Heroku can get a lot out of this event.

Topics include emerging trends in software, multi-cloud early adopters, and implementable ideas.

Getting the Most Out of Heroku Events 2021

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Always remember to check with event organizers before planning travel or booking accommodation for any in-person tech events. With life still being so uncertain in 2021, changes are bound to happen. That’s why virtual events have become so popular. Not only are they more accessible, but you’re in complete control of how much you see and enjoy. You can dip in and out and really absorb the information that’s most relevant to you and your business.

Watch out for Xplenty’s next virtual event. Last year’s Xforce Data Summit was wildly successful, and one of the first fully virtual tech events of 2020. If you need support collating, integrating, and analyzing your business data using an ETL tool designed for businesses in the modern cloud, get in touch with us and see how we can help transform how you manage your business data.