Poor quality data leads to many problems in your organization. You could have massive overhead from duplicated records, lose out on sales because of inaccurate addresses, and provide a poor customer experience. Data cleansing tools address these issues and help you keep your data quality high. We used G2 to select the tools for this top list.

Table of Contents

  1. Xplenty
  2. Tibco Clarity
  3. DemandTools
  4. RingLead
  5. Melissa Clean Suite
  6. WinPure Clean & Match
  7. Informatica Cloud Data Quality
  8. Oracle Enterprise Data Quality
  9. SAS Data Quality
  10. IBM Infosphere Information Server

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1) Xplenty

Xplenty is an advanced data pipeline platform that offers ETL, ELT, and replication functionality you can set up with a no-code graphic interface. When you use ETL, the transformation layer can clean your data and transform it prior to moving to a data lake, data warehouse, or Salesforce.

In addition to the data cleansing capabilities offered by ETL, you have access to many other useful data integration features with Xplenty. The user-friendly approach opens up data pipeline creation to everyone in your organization, so you can free up IT and data team time for other duties. The cloud-based platform also offloads routine maintenance and management to Xplenty, so you’re not adding to your technical workload. Scale your usage up and down as needed with this flexible ETL solution.

Key Benefits of Xplenty

  • No-code user-friendly interface
  • Clean and mask data before it goes to data warehouses
  • Cloud-based

2) Tibco Clarity

Tibco Clarity is a dedicated platform for interactive data cleansing. It uses a visual interface to streamline data quality improvements, data discovery, and data transformation. You can run any type of raw data through this solution to prepare it for use in your applications.

In addition to cleaning, you can run deduplication operations and check addresses before moving the information to the destination. Tibco Clarity offers several data visualizations that you can use while the data is being processed, allowing you to get a better understanding of that particular data set. Configure rules-based validation for another layer of data quality control. Once you set up the cleansing process, you can reuse that configuration for future raw data.

Key Benefits Of Tibco Clarity

  • Visual data cleansing interface
  • Data visualizations
  • Rules-based validation

3) DemandTools

DemandTools is a data quality suite designed to help organizations improve their data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Salesforce CRM. If you have a narrow data cleansing use case that solely focuses on your CRM, then this solution works well to deliver purpose-built tools for these applications.

DemandTools’ Cleansing Tools module is dedicated to improving data quality by fixing and stopping duplicate records and managing lead conversions without duplicated contacts. The matching algorithm used for deduplication uses advanced techniques to discover more matches. While this module is the one dedicated to cleaning data, the other two modules in this software suite are also useful in supporting this goal. The Discovery Tools module helps you verify CRM data by comparing it to external data sources. The Maintenance Tools module streamlines many common CRM data management functions, including loading, reporting, record reassignments, backups, and manipulation.

Key Benefits Of DemandTools

  • Specialized for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Salesforce CRM data cleansing
  • Provides data cleansing, discovery, and maintenance

4) RingLead

RingLead is a comprehensive data orchestration platform that is an end-to-end solution for CRM and marketing automation data, rather than a dedicated data cleaning tool. The data quality features offered include normalization, deduplication, linking leads to accounts, duplicate prevention, data enrichment, and data discovery. Other data processes that this platform provides include segmentation, scoring, list building, routing, and prospecting.

Key Benefits Of RingLead

  • A comprehensive data orchestration platform
  • Specialized in CRM and marketing automation data

5) Melissa Clean Suite

Melissa Clean Suite is a data cleaning application that improves data quality in many leading CRM and ERP platforms, including Salesforce, Oracle CRM, Oracle ERP, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The features available in Melissa Clean Suite include data deduplication, contact autocompletion, data verification, data enrichment, continually updated contacts, real-time and batch processing, and data appending. You can easily add this solution to your CRM through the provided plugins.

Key Benefits Of Melissa Clean Suite

  • Works with many CRM and ERP platforms
  • Dedicated data cleansing application

6) WinPure Clean & Match

WinPure Clean & Match is a locally installed data cleansing and matching application that helps you clean, deduplicate, and correct your data. It’s intended for business and consumer data contained in databases, CRMs, spreadsheets, and mailing lists. It’s a user-friendly solution that’s well suited for non-technical users or smaller businesses with limited IT resources. You can also add address verification through an optional module and set up rules-based cleaning processes.

Key Benefits Of WinPure Clean & Match

  • Locally installed software
  • User-friendly

7) Informatica Cloud Data Quality

Informatica Cloud Data Quality offers data quality and data governance through a self-service approach that empowers everyone in your organization to get the high-quality data they need for their applications. You can leverage prebuilt data quality rules to quickly deploy deduplication, data enrichment, and standardization processes. This software suite also includes data discovery, data transformation, address verification, reusable rules, accelerators, and AI to automate many parts of the data cleansing process.

Key Benefits Of Informatica Cloud Data Quality

  • Self-service data cleansing, transformation, discovery, and governance platform
  • Built-in data quality rules

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8) Oracle Enterprise Data Quality

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality is a comprehensive solution for data quality management that’s designed to create reliable master data for integrating with your business applications. The data cleansing features include address verification, standardization, real-time and batch matching, and profiling. This advanced software is intended for advanced technical users, but it does offer many features that can be used right out of the box. In addition to data cleaning, Oracle Enterprise Data Quality supports governance, integration, migration, master data management, and business intelligence.

Key Benefits Of Oracle Enterprise Data Quality

  • Comprehensive data quality management platform
  • Creates reliable master data for business applications

9) SAS Data Quality

SAS Data Quality is a data quality solution designed to clean data where it is, rather than transferring it from its original location. You can use this platform for working with on-premise and hybrid deployments, cloud-based data, relational databases, and data lakes. The data cleansing features include deduplication, correction, entity identification, and data remediation. Additional functionality with SAS Data Quality includes data governance, data quality monitoring, master data management, data visualization, business glossary, and integration.

Key Benefits Of SAS Data Quality

  • Cleans data at the source
  • Works with a wide range of data sources

10) IBM Infosphere Information Server

IBM Infosphere Information Server is a data integration platform that includes many powerful data cleaning features. You can leverage this end-to-end solution to standardize information, classify data, validate data, deduplicate records, and investigate your source data. Ongoing monitoring ensures that your data stays clean, and poor quality data doesn’t make it to your applications and services. You can use USAC and AVI for your address cleaning processes.

Other features included on this platform include data monitoring, data transformation, data governance, near real-time integration, digital transformation, and seamless scaling of your data quality operations.

Key Benefits Of IBM Infosphere Information Server

  • End-to-end data integration platform
  • Stops poor quality data from moving into other systems

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