Xplenty integrates with many data sources, both on premise and on the cloud. Now Xplenty also integrates with Segment SQL.

Segment is a customer data hub. It collects user behavior data from the web and mobile apps and sends it off to services such as Google Analytics and Woopra, or stores it for custom analysis, for instance, on Amazon Redshift.

With Segment and Xplenty, you can sort, filter and aggregate your customer behavior data without writing any code, or installing or maintaining anything. Simply use Xplenty’s intuitive UI to design dataflows and prepare your data for analytics, without worrying about IT or coding. Because Xplenty’s Big Data processing platform is powered by Hadoop, you can be sure you're working with a scalable solution that can grow with your data.

Xplenty Segment connection

To integrate Xplenty with Segment, make sure you have a Segment Enterprise plan. Simply toggle us in the Segment control panel, drop in your credentials and hit “save.” Then, copy the Segment credentials and create a new Segment connection in Xplenty. Create a new Xplenty package and add a Redshift or database source component to use the Segment data. Xplenty will connect to your Segment data on Redshift, so you can start processing it right away.

To get started, sign up for a free Xplenty trial, sign up for Segment and check out their integrations help page.